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Hi again!

Owen Ojo De Lobo

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Hi folks!

After a few months without time to play to Malifaux (very busy with Warmachine and others :flute:) I come back with more energy, more... more... more something xD

I start to paint my December's Cult, and want to add more and more cultist, and some Guild Guards to join my Ortega's crew... and few (all :flute: ) gremlims :D

So, as a summmary: I'm back, and now is to stay :guns:

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Well, one of the reasons that I'm back is (also that is a really good game!!) is that in my city there is a growing interest in the game. Last saturday, I met with a friends to play Malifaux in my LGS. There was also the re-opening party of the LGS, so there was a lot of people. Well, we have always people looking the game... I think that if the LGS has Malifaux in the store, he will sell 6-8 crews...

At this rate, I have to apply to henchman program... :D

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