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25 pts... Viktorias


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I used a similar list recently (I had the convict gunslinger instead of a third Ronin), and although Taelor was absolutely immense, it does leave you very short on soulstones.

It goes against your all girl theme, but have you considered Johan rather than Taelor ? He isn't that popular around these parts, but I like him - he is fairly solid in defense, packs a punch and leaves a couple more Soulstones, which the Viks really benefit from (I find them very squishy without them).

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Personally, I find Misaki to need a bit more support than she gets from just the Viks and three Ronin (which would be none ;)). Also, just two Soul Stones is really not enough.

Personally, I'd be tempted to drop a Ronin for more Soul Stones - perhaps, take the Student of Conflct in her stead (Taelor + CoS will give a good 'assassination run' for Vik). Or swap Taelor for a Convict Gunslinger and go full no support.

Although having a Misaki to hand to try out is no bad thing :).

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