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new to game - don't want to use starter set.


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yup title says it all really, new to malifaux and as yet not had a chance to pick up the rulebook - but the models have caught my eye and i know a couple of people at my local club whom do play.

before i part with my hard earned cash, just wanted to know if what i was planning on doing is legal/a good idea.

I really like the two victoria sculpts but not so much everyone else whom comes in the starter set - so was thinking what would be a good combination for someone to start an outcast group without using this box set?

ideally i would like to use the two victorias, the three ronin and perhaps a desolation engine (though that could be too many points.) all my friends whom play only have starter box sets at the moment.

any help for a complete novice would be greatly appreciated.

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The crew that you've listed is perfectly legal but not necessarily the best. Viktoria and the ronin work well together but I have my doubts about the Desolate Engine in this type of crew.

For the 12ss cost of the DEngine you could take a Convict Gunslinger (5ss) and Misake (7ss). The combo of these models would work better in a Viktoria/Ronin crew.

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I agree with you on not wanting the starter box for the Viktoria's it doesn't seem as though it was very well planned out (plus it doesn't come with what they need, Ronin!) I agree with Mel, take either Misaki, or a Convict Gunslinger. Also it might not hurt to take a look at Taelor to see what she brings to the board

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Hello, a couple of things.

Firstly the Viks cannot use the Desolation Engine... I forget the name of rule, but the Viks can only hire Mercenaries for their crews, which the DE isn't. If you want a big ugly guy who is obscene in close combat, you will have to go for Killjoy, although I would only suggest him for high point games.

Secondly, I started out just like you.... I didn't think too much of the models in the Vik box, so I purchased the two Viks, a pack of Ronin, and the Convict Gunslinger as my first crew. That should compete nicely

with all the other starter boxes - it comes in at 20ss, leaving you with a few ss to burn with your Viks.

The thing is, I found that crew very fragile, so after a couple of games, I went out and bought Taelor, Johan and Bishop seperately anyway !

It has helped to add a bit of muscle to my crew, and to be honest all of my doubts about the models were wrong.... they are actually really good sculpts.

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I got the box set, but also bought the CGS and a pack of Ronin. My first Crews had the CGS and ronin with the Viks, but now that the crews are getting larger I have been mixing in Taelor and Bishop. Both are great compliments to the Viks/Ronin. While I flank and move fast with the Viks/Ronin, Taelor/Bishop and the CGS go right up the gut. They are slow and tough (as Mercs go) and the CGS is great for forcing the action. He can not be ignored if he sets up in the center of the board, and if he has a bodyguard like Taelor or Bishop he can be really troublesome, especially with those Viks/Ronin closing in fast.

anyways... I think the starter set is a good place to start, basically you're getting Johan for free, a neat model to get some M&SU player to trade you something for....

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