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Eternal Juju: still counting for claim jump and similar?


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Question about Juju's Eternal: he counts as killed for VP purposes even if he's returned in the game.

Does this mean he cannot claim jump or take table quarters nor hold treasure once returned? Or does this only apply to Slaughter and Raid kind of schemes?



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Hmmm, when he returns he isn't insignificant so I'd imagine he can claim quarters, treasure etc. However, sayiung he is "killed for vp purposes" is pretty ambiguous.

Well that was helpful wasn't it? :S

edit: WS answered a similar question here:


So I'd guess he doesn't count.

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Yes so far eveytime I've played him as: if he uses Eternal he counts as killed for missions which involve killing things (Raid, Slaughter) but I played him as still able to claim table quarters or carry the treasure, or claim jump. That's how I read the rule, but someone raised that point in another thread and it's now bugging me!

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