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Bayou Ruins Terrain Log


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I've decided my next board project is going to be a ruined pumping station on the edge of the bayou.

I'll use this thread to keep all the updates and pics together.

I was originally going to do the board as a single 3x3 but i've decided since to build it out of 9 300x300mm boards to keep the weight down and make it more modular.

Here's a pic of the materials minus the pink foam.


Update 1

The first board piece took less time to finish that i thought, heres a pic of it drying.

The bits where the wood is showing through will be bayou water effect (greenish).


Update 2 : 7th May

Board piece 2/9 finished, still to do some work on the docks on board 1 as people suggested.

Added some models to show scale




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update 3 - 8th May

The Vat Room

The clear vats will be textured and painted in a rust colour, the liquid inside will be painted in the same colour as the bayou water.




update 4 - 10th May

The ruins start to descend into forest now.



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And two more boards.

General opinion was there was perhaps too much cover so the middle module has become a pipe works board.


As you can see from the close up theres pipework beneath the grills.


And the next board is the vent risers board, provides nice ht2 cover.


And here we have the current board


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Looking good so far, but I think your terrain elements are currently too close together. Try moving the 15kg bag to the side a little and maybe stagger your molds a little. Try and make a few corridors for your guys to walk down.

Other than that it looks like a really detailed mock up of a terrain table in construction.

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The rock work looks great.

However the pier looks brand new (Though of shoddy construction)

The wood could really use some weathering. Perhaps just scrubbing it with a wire brush to bring out the wood grain would get the job done.

Thanks for the tips i'll see what i can do :)

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Kaine, I agree with BK: Cool rocks, but the dock would benefit from distressing. Might I also add that you could take a hobby knife and cut some nicks into the sides/ends.

You could also use a Dremel tool or drill with a small bit and drill some knot holes in the planks.

Lastly, I'd probably knock out a plank or two, or maybe punch-out a piece in the middle of a plank.

Some distressing and this board section will look great.

Have you planned what the other sections will look like? I'm curious to see how they'll work together.


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That is looking sick! Great job -

With modular boards though, is it too easy to gauge range? If each piece is 12" across, it can be a pretty easy to know if you're out of shooting range with someone. Oh well, the advantages outweigh the bad

A valid point but i think if someone was sitting there counting blocks we would rule that as unfair which in theory would apply to the mini blocks.

No real way around people counting full modules, however in reality people get a measure whenever they use their first ability and that allows reasonable gauge for the rest.

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