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Hello! Prepare to Die!


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Having recently stumbled across a box set of the Viktorias at a local game shop, at which point the owner told me, "Oh hey, that's new. It's a mini game, skirmish. Dice-less. You use cards instead. Cool setting. Horror/steampunk/western. You only need like five models to play," at which point I think I sort of blacked out ...

Anywho, I'm in! Where do I sign? After a brief flirtation with the ghastly potential of the adorable Neverborn, the lure of undeath has once again proven too strong to resist. I'm a dyed in the wool necromancer and there's no denying it. If there's a zombie involved, I wanna see it, play it, taste the juicy brains of it.

I have zero experience with skirmish games (though I came dangerously close to a serious relationship with Warmachine), toy soldiers in general have been a long time passion. I own several WHFB armies in various states of disrepair. The thought of fielding a playable crew with only 5-7 models really lights my fire, to be honest.

I've already cluttered the Ressurectionist sub-forum with several long winded threads and I intend to continue. It's a thing I do. I hope that's not a problem.

In short, thank you Wyrd! Malifaux is just the thing. You've managed to collect and distill a handful of my favorite themes, in turn creating a beautiful, aromatic broth of awesome.

Now kindly get out of my head.

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Is your real name Inigo Montoya? Sorry, I can't resist a "Princess Bride" connection. coat.

Ha! I almost titled the thread, "My Name is Sozoa. You Killed My Disposable Income. Prepare to Die."

Probably better this way. That would've have been a tad on the nose.:fight:

Thank you all for the warm welcome. Glad to be here! I'm only sorry it took me so long to realize y'all exist ...

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