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Things of nightmares


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Hello! I got the Pandora crew a couple of months back and just recently picked up some Resurrectionist stuff as well. I've only had time to paint the Neverborn, but this is what I've got so far:




I'll probably go back and fix some stuff on Kade and Candy. Pandora suffers from a bit of lazy eye and doesn't get posted until I've fixed it :)

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That is a brilliant looking crew, really looks like it is looming out of the dark.

Love your Teddy, his big gums and blood dribbles look obscene and grotesque. Fantastic!

Anyone looking to check Micro Arts I can highly recommend them.

I've just picked up over 200 skull bases and they are beautiful.

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Thanks for the compliments :)

Great job on these. I'm really digging Teddy. The more I see him painted up the less I can resist getting one and painting it myself. Can't wait to see Pandora join the rest.

You really should, Teddy was a treat to paint. Most of him is easy-to-paint fur so you can really put most time and effort into details and experiment.

Wyrd might be the first company to make me buy models just to paint. So many great figures.

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The idea behind the power pant bases was to go for something Silent Hill-ish which I think work with Pandora's crew and their nightmare shtick (if you're familiar with the series that is), but I agree it would probably look out of place with Lilith or Zoraida.

Havn't decided what to do for my Resurrectionists yet. Leaning towards graveyard or plain cobblestone right now. I'll have to look around the forum and see what good ideas I can steal ;)

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