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Strange Aeons Threshold Agents


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Yesterday we played our first games of Strange Aeons. I quickly painted two agents in four hours time on Saturday...terrific sculpts by Black Scorpion. They are easy to paint up, except for the faces which are hidden under the hats.

Agent Johnson


Agent Wylder


Here's a photo of the three agents that were used Sunday (including a model of a friend):


By the way, you can find a game report with photos on my website in the Battle Reports section: http://paintoholic.nl/

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Ace mini's (I too love Black Scorpion stuff... I have some of their Pirates) and great paint jobs; I especially like the muddy coats. ;)

That battle report was top notch too. I've downloaded the starter pack free online, and Major_Gilbear and myself have played through it a few times, it seemed like a lot of fun. A bit basic, but your battle report seems like the actual game has a lot more depth? It's reinvigorated my interest somewhat. :D (This is probably a bad thing as I'm already swamped with Malifaux and Infinity!)

Anyhoo. I love those standing stones with the carvings on, where are they from?

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