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wp checks & the resurrectionists

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You only need to take each Wp test once. If 3 different things are causing 3 different Wp/Morale Tests, you're going to have to pass all 3 of them. Aren't all 3 of them different here? Hopefully your opponent can at least charge so that he's outside of Sybelle's melee range to avoid her test.

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Huh, yeah. I'd read it that way too. I always figured that once a model made one Terrifying test then he could engage the Terrifying model, no matter how many spells/effects were stacked on the terrifying model.

That make sense? My reading was that while it might be possible to have 2 Terrifyings on a model (one going out to 4" and one going out to 1") that one Morale Duel took care of both of them.

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