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A wyrd hello from Hamburg


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hi and welcome to Wyrd! I know we've been sending lots of boxes to Germany and also stocking a German distributor with a LOT of product, so there must be players around, although I can't speak for Hamburg. But glad to have you on the forums, seems we have at least a few from Germany active here! :)

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Ah, der Quotensachse. :wave: Ja, 666 I remember.

If Peanut is the same as the Hordes-Peanut, then I've met him.

I hope there will be some serious activity here. I'll go learn the game and read the rules after my first testgame again.

So far, great game.

(Opponent: Pandora and her crew don't deal serious damage...but you deal it to yourself! :thcow2:)

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I am off for my next Job this thurday, returning to Hamburg around september 17. (with either Ramos or McMourning + Crews in hands).

We definitely should try for a game or five! :fest30:


Yes, there are some nice corners around here.

Drop a line if you happen to be in Hamburg, I heard of the possibility

to get cold drinks up here.

Oh...of course: Nice thing, this whole Malifaux and the minis your team and you created there.

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