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Hey! My name is Eric, and I'm from Frederick, MD. Just thought I'd introduce myself here on the forums. So far I've only played 2 games of Malifaux (the game that arroused my interest in Wyrd), but both have given me a level of fun and excitement that I have not felt for quite a while game-wise. Besides Malifaux I have been gaming for about 5 years and have played just about every major miniature game in that time ranging from futuristic games like 40k and Infinity, to fantasy games like WHFB, and even some fun historicals like Flames of War and some of the Warhammer Historical games. As far as painting is concerned I'm ok I guess. Here's just an example of a mini I painted for infinity about a year or so ago...




Either way, I hope that sheds a little light on me. Oh, I'm also a member of F.A.I.L. Gamers too.

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Welcome to the Wyrd forums, dude. I know you'll get your ninja midgets painted up. I won't let you or Sarr give up on getting them painted. This brings the current F.A.I.L. count up to 9, plus myself, and multiple crews for many of us.

F.A.I.L. - Piling up dead hookers and punching babies in the face since playtesting. :D

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