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Rottenburg Residents and strategies like Plant Explosives.



What happens if a Mindless Zombie picks up a Strategy marker while it is not Insignificant? Does it retain the token when it becomes insignificant again? 

I thought this was answered in a FAQ, but I can't find it. Apologies if it's there and I missed it. 

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There is a similar case for Restraints on Grimwell



Ignored by Strategies and Schemes – If a model would become “ignored by Schemes and Strategies” such as by the effects of  Dr. Grimwell’s Restraints Ability, is it considered killed by those Strategies and Schemes?

a) No. It is simply ignored. If it had a Strategy Token (such as a Lodestone Token), that token simply stays on them but has no effect. As normal, these “ignored” models cannot resolve the effects of Strategies and Schemes such as Dropping Strategy Markers. However, other models still treat the model as having such a Token and can affect the token as normal, such as Interacting near an “ignored” model with a Lodestone Token to move the token off of them

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