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Haul of Eggs 10 - 23rd March - Milton Keynes


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Haul of Eggs is my long-standing Easter-themed tournament, which this year is returning to it's original home of Wargames Workshop in Milton Keynes. The store has recently expanded and can now host a 40 player event. It also has decent coffee, snacks, a bar and a massive range of wargames, board games and card games, plus some geek stuff as well. It is adjacent to a Tesco Extra, and has multiple eating options within a very short walking distance. Oh yes, and free parking too.

Format will be Fixed Faction, Singles, with 3 rounds. Prize support by Wyrd, plus a War Rooster, Easter Eggs and a few extras as well including some swag.

Tickets are £15, payment details (along with all other info) are in the rulespack https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/y572xzwket4hx8hpo45ql/Rules-Pack-Haul-of-Eggs10-Mar24.pdf?rlkey=tmxmp618s2twgl20ehe9590be&dl=0


  1. Oz Goff
  2. Rich Walters
  3. Luke Athiko 
  4. Troy Ashdown 
  5. Jack Bicknell 
  6. Matt Lewin 
  7. Tom Thorpe 
  8. Max Fawcett 
  9. Greg Packman (to pay)
  10. Michael Farr (to pay)
  11. Ben Harris
  12. Jamie Varney
  13. Emma Newham
  14. Rob Bell (to pay)
  15. Glenn Frew
  16. Ben Worsfold
  17. Ollie Hedges 
  18. Bastie Colclough
  19. Tom Lawrence (to pay)
  20. Stephen Renouf
  21. George Renouf
  22. Matthew Dunk
  23. Robert Milne 
  24. Rob Thomas
  25. Ben Salmon
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On 2/10/2024 at 11:20 PM, Clousseau said:

Message me directly and I'll send you the pack as it seems work ok

Its alright Dave, turns out it was my works wi-fi blocking dropbox. Got it now. Just checking with the boss to see if I'm alright to go.

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Models from Ashes of Malifaux will be legal IF they are available  physically (book or cards) AND in the M3E app by Saturday 9th March.

Home printed cards are acceptable.  All models should have a physical card, even if you track everything on the app.

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