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Trifler and Brilliance condition.

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After reading the Trifler pursuit, my players and I got the impression that Trifler has almost no way to reset the Brilliance condition. And getting +1 Brilliance at the beginning of each session only complicates things by forcing you to either constantly throw doctor skill or counterspell skill. Which ultimately leads to two possibilities. 

1 - You actively use Suffusion, forcing you to discard cards on an industrial scale or use counterspell\doc skills after each dramatic encounter just to live. At the same time your Brilliance cannot be lower than 4.

2 - Pursuit is designed to be suicidal and PC is bound to slide into unplayable NPC sooner or later.

I'm interested to know your opinion as I'm missing something. For Possessed has the option of not dying of Haunted condition.

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