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Hey Wyrdos!

This week, Waldo’s been having some issues with the kitchen sink. All it took was one suspicious gurgle for our imp to set up a stakeout. So far he’s only caught sight of a few drips from the tap, but there’s just gotta be something lurking below all that soapy water…

Speaking of things lurking below, let’s take a look at two new Commanders in the upcoming expansion for The Other Side!


First up is Reo Edwards, a rakish captain living a life in both the King’s Empire and the Three Kingdoms’ Japan. Constant troublemaking got Reo sent to Australia for punishment. Little did the navy know it would be from these shores where Captain Edwards’ journey truly began.


Reo Edwards offers flexibility, able to handle problems with a variety of tools. His Commandeer ability is particularly noteworthy; it allows you to draw from your discard pile while forcing enemies to discard. When he goes to Glory, Reo exemplifies his deft fingers by gaining the Steal Battle Plans Stratagem, which lets him copy an enemy Stratagem!



A grim kappa of colossal size, Kawatora slipped through a gate to Earth hundreds of years ago. Unlike his kin, the oni was able to avoid returning to the Beyond by slumbering deep below the waves. He became a legend, a hermetic monster only rising from his nest during times of change. Old Kawatora has been awakened, and now commands both the Kimon and Gibbering Hordes.


Kawatora excels at acting as a bulwark for your forces. Nearby enemies will find it impossible to Cheat Fate against him while the kappa keeps your Fireteams reinforced. In Glory, Kawatora’s patient side comes to the forefront. He gains +2 to his AVs until he Activates, and Triggers to help keep your Fireteams alive with Reinforcement Tokens and the Toughness Asset.

That’s all for this week, Wyrdos! What do you think of the dashing Reo Edwards and the heavy-shelled Kawatora? How will you incorporate these two Commanders into your forces?


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