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Vanishing Games ep. 6 Return of the Games


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I've been struggling for some time with games not saving in the 'In Progress" section. I sort of given up on that as that's mostly a Vassal games issue and less so in tabletop. Yesterday I decided to clean up my "Completed" section and started deleting games there. I was surprised to later find suddenly a ton of games in my "In Progress" section. I would imagine separate games had the same Match Code which caused the app to struggle with storing games properly? 

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Yes. I open a game, the opponent joins, we decide on crews etc. and start the game. When i close the App and reopen it the game is gone from "in progress".

I have to rejoin manually with the game Code, at which point it works until i close the app again.

Issue Occurs on both Samsung S10 Lite Smartphone as well as on my Desktop PC, has been ongoing for half a year.

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On 2/2/2023 at 6:20 PM, dzlier said:

More likely it's that some people have so many games completed that the call to retrieve them all is being paginated. I will look into it.

Hi, and IF by any chance there is possibility to do so, plz include a "select all" or "delete all" funtion in completed games, i am deleting like 400 games on foot, it's a bit tiresome  ;)

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