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I have been a fan of Sandeep and the Academic keyword and associated models for a while now, but I have noticed that the theme and powers of these models do not seem to accurately represent the academic concept. While I appreciate the Indian subcontinent aesthetic of many of these models, I feel that it does not necessarily align with the academic theme. Instead of revising the models themselves, I propose that it might be good to consider revising the cards and stats of these models to better reflect the academic theme. 

Additionally, I have noticed that the Oxfordian Mage, a six Soul Stone (6ss) mini, which is the only model with the Academic keyword that does not have an Indian subcontinent aesthetic, is somewhat underpowered compared to other mages/caster minions, such as the Guild Mage and other 5, 6, and 7ss cards. I would suggest adjusting the powers of the Oxfordian Mage to better reflect the academic theme and make it a more viable choice for players.

Finally, I have also noticed that many other factions mini's do fit the Academic keyword slightly better, could we also perhaps look at adding the Academic Keyword to these Minis, who might be dual faction minions, henchmen, enforcers etc, and not just have Dual faction Masters. 

What do other people think?

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My first response would be I think you're looking at the process backwards compared to how Wyrd do it.

I think they design the models and after that is done they think of a keyword that connects them. The keyword isn't really anything more than a game term to connect the group. The Friekorps are a mercenary company, their whole purpose is to be hired to do jobs for other people, but they don't have the keyword Mercenary, because in M3 Mercenary doesn't mean "model that is 'for hire' for a price by anyone", it means model that works with the Viktorias. So from that I don't think they tried to make the models fit the term 'acedemic', they looked for a term to fit the 'teaching' that the Acedemic models do. The university of Transmortis is probably thematically closer to 'acedemic', but it contains a mixture of teachers and students, where as the current Acedemic keyword is all about 'teachers' who impart their wisdom to their students (who are all elemental creatures, which is a little strange). 

The oxfordian mage has the slightly bizzare issue that it was a model that existed before Sandeep existed, and originally it didn't tie into Sandeep at all, so its not too surprising that it doesn't fit the Sandeep aesthetics. They are in the slightly awkward cheap support model slot that seems to either be almost too good (Guild mage) or "never hire". I think that they were a fairly common hire when the keyword first came out, but over time they have become less relevant. Thats true of a lot of models and depending on how relevant you want all the models to be, you could certainly make the case that they should be improved, but thats potentially a huge undertaking.

Finally, this edition has done away with dual faction outside masters/totems, but it doesn't need it as a concept. If you were to make a lightening bug Acedemic for example, Sandeep could hire it even though it's not an arcanist model. The likely reason models don't get the keyword added to them is game balance. (And also to some degree player purchasing. One of the biggest purchasing complaints I see is the need to buy the Zipp box to get the swampfiend First mate. Sandeep already has a pretty convoluted purchase plan borrowing from 3 other keywords in faction for elementals, he probably doesn't want for people to have to go and buy too many boxes from other factions). 


So yes, I agree that teh Keyword Academic is not a good description of the models, but if I wanted to try and make the models "Acedemic" I would probably start by removing the elemental link they have, because thats probbaly the part that most doesn't fit to me. That and the fact I think they are spiritual teachers rather than intellectual teachers. But then you are headign very close to the 'monk' style of teachings in the game. 

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It is clear that the newer models and crews in the game have significantly stronger abilities and powers compared to some of the older ones, making the latter seem underpowered and less desirable to play. This is especially apparent with the "Academic" and "Elemental" keywords, which seem to have been overshadowed by others.

To address this imbalance and make the game more enjoyable for all players, I suggest an overhaul of these keywords, as well as a review of any other underperforming keywords in other factions. This would not only encourage players to utilize their existing models more, but also help to revitalize older models and make them more competitive. By doing this, Wyrd would not have to invest in new sculpts and moulds, while still keeping the game fresh and engaging for players.

PS: I agree with what you've said it's more "Guru" than "Academic" and they changed the word "Elemental" from 2nd ed's "Gamin" 

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