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How Many Cheapies?


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Getting my core box painted up and I have a few things on order (Lord of Steel, Dreadnought, and Electrocutioners if curious). I see a lot of hay made about the Rail Gunners and Engineers, and for good reason. I was wondering how many I should pick up of each. I was thinking 2, but wondered if I should buy a third Engineer. And how many Marauders? No more than 2, obviously but would I even want to field 2 at any point?

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I’ve faced 2-3 rail gunners a few times. Solid units with card draw and ranged threat. 

I’ve certainly seen 2 more marauders more than once. Their scoring potential in some games is really high. And they can be hard to pin down. Definitely worth their cost. Doubt you’d go more than that though. 

Engineers are really good. And if you ever had a spare point one will always be good. I’d say 3 seems about right. Not sure if you’d go 4, but bet people have done it. 

PS - all of the above is from the perspective of playing against them rather than with them. 

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For 2 Commander games, 3 Engineers and 2 Rail Gunners is a really good starting point, I often find that instead of taking any more I need to think instead of taking another higher costing unit, or the quality of my Asset loadout.

I've only just started using my lone Marauder so can't help there yet, but I'm not sure I'd need more than 2 due to the gimmick-y infrequent usage they'd get beyond that, and the cost of the models themselves.

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