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So how big is Malifaux City?


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So I've been gearing up for a small game, digging deep on the setting and the rules, when one of my future players asked me how big Malifaux City is in comparison to other US "football" cities.

I had no idea how to answer. 

I recognize as a Fatemaster I could make it as big or small as I wish. 

But to me, stories around Reva make it appear that Rotenberg night be as significant as "North Brooklyn" or "Oakland" - something more than a couple blocks but not. 


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I think of Malifaux as a pretty gigantic city, probably bigger than any other city of the time, but with large sections unavailable due to the quarantine zone. I’m from Oakland myself, so I would say something like the size of the entire East Bay (Oakland, Berkeley, Richmond, etc) but the entire city of Oakland is cordoned off. There’s still a big city there, but nowhere near as much livable space as there could be.

Id therefore think of Rotenburg as something like Piedmont Avenue in Oakland. A lot of people live around there, but it’s just one neighborhood, y’know?

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