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  1. Love it! It's like a cross between Pan's Labyrinth and Lovecraft.
  2. Oh man, anything would be great, but yeah, my Fated are always so drawn to the Neverborn. They really set Malifaux apart from other settings, and all of my campaigns tend to come back to them, whether I plan it that way or not. When I ran Night of the Carver, they followed it up by heading off into the wilds to investigate Neverborn crypts, and it turned into a Malifaux version of Indiana Jones from there.
  3. Look in the diseases section. Basically, if you touch a Nephilim's black blood, you slowly turn into a half-breed. The last stage makes you loyal to the Nephilim, but if it gets cured before then, you still retain all the physical changes. My wife has mentioned playing a corrupted character who files her horns down, Hellboy-style. As for how the other Neverborn see half-breeds, they're usually second-class citizens, but not always as reviled as they are Lilith and her followers. With Titania's return, I'd imagine more and more Neverborn are adopting more "progressive" attitudes. I mean, Nekima's new henchman in M3E uses necromancy, for pete's sake! If you set your game closer to the current Malifaux time, your Neverborn player should have a much easier time in their adopted society. The other option, of course, is to play as a Zoraida-like character. Someone who came through a little breach on their own, and has been in Malifaux so long that they've been accepted, both by the land and the people. Mechanically, they'd be the same as any other Fated, so it's up to the flavor and backstory to set them apart. Their manifested powers would feel more natural and in tune with the natural order of Malifaux, that sort of thing.
  4. Love the new student, and Big Jake was always great, but wow, Taelor. Not my favourite version, let's say. Face is really ugly. Not that it's badly sculpted, it's just ugly, and not in a fun way. Taelor in the lore has always been portrayed as something of a fun, rowdy drunk. This one looks like she's ready to take her issues out on someone who can't defend themselves. I hope her lore doesn't change to match this new look.
  5. That is a really fantastic redesign! See, this is why I end up owning a few things from every faction. Can’t wait to paint her up, even if I never use her in a game. 😁
  6. Yeah, though I’ve found that Void Hunter makes a better reserve threat. I typically want my void wretches out running schemes or getting into good spots for the Scion’s abilities.
  7. Yeah, just double-checked and I am signed in, as I can see "Sign Out" in the upper-right corner of the page. I've tried in multiple browsers across multiple devices, some mobile, some desktop, but can never seem to save. Let me know if you need anything else from me, I'll be happy to provide screenshots and the like. Thanks for all your work on this app, it's much appreciated!
  8. @dzlier I don't seem to have the ability to save crews anymore. The save button is greyed out, and I don't see any of my previously saved crews. Was this feature removed?
  9. Love everything about this model, from the stats to the backstory. However, that pose just feels so oddly static. The models' rules and flavour imply a ton of movement and fluidity, and yet the render has him just standing there, awkwardly holding knives like he doesn't know what to do with them. Am I alone in this? If so, I'll just have to re-sculpt his arms and legs, I guess.
  10. Clearing the cache worked like a charm! I tell people to do that at my job all the time, so I'm a little embarrassed that I didn't think of it. Thanks again!
  11. It seems like the app isn't loading correctly on mobile, but it could be my terrible old phone. I don't see the menu or the option to add models, just some purple text that says "Hiring pool remaining: Nan", etc. Here's a screenshot: This is on Android, same result whether mobile or WiFi. Anyone else seeing something similar?
  12. Looks great, thank you! This app has been so helpful, you have no idea.
  13. I love the idea of the upgrade itself giving +1 hand size. Forces a choice of "which is worse, them having an extra card and me hiding this guy, or potentially losing him and them getting a new Guilty?" Forcing bad choices feels very appropriate for JD, without providing the negative play experience he gave the opponent in m2e.
  14. J4bberw0ck

    Changes to Arik

    I think the push makes him more versatile. Sometimes you need to shove an enemy onto (or away from) a marker, and now he can do that. Since his cost didn't go up, I'm totally fine with more potential positioning tools.
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