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  1. Thanks for clearing that up, glad y’all are on top of it.
  2. Well, the original list did say some things were subject to availability, maybe that’s why?
  3. @Kyle One was added to my cart automatically, I went to check out, and was taken to a page that said the model was sold out and had been removed from my cart. I checked out anyway to make sure I could at least get the Malifaux 1988 box.
  4. Wow, Miss Guided is already sold out. That’s pretty ridiculous guys, and not in a fun way.
  5. Hm, that's interesting, I don't know of any, and a quick glance didn't turn anything up. You'll have to either homebrew a General Talent, or make it a Manifested Power. Maybe treat it like the Heal spell, except it allows the Fated to remove a Condition from the target.
  6. I’m looking for the 3-pack of Guild Riflemen from M2E, as I just don’t like the 3E versions. I’m willing to pay via PayPal, or trade for some of my models, including: - M3E Lucius Core Box - M2E Hoffman Core Box - Witchling Thralls (no cards) - M2E Freikorps Core box - Hannah Lovelace - Special Edition pink translucent Freikorps Scout Please let me know if you’d be interested in any of the above, I’m willing to mix and match to an extent. I’d rather not split up the core boxes, but I’m flexible on that.
  7. I was looking through the available pursuits and realized there are a couple of gaps that could be addressed: an investigator and a treasure hunter. I’m starting with the investigator for the moment, but I thought it would be interesting to get the community’s feedback as I go along, rather than after I’ve already written it out. This way I can avoid getting locked into bad ideas! My idea for the investigator is a Sherlock Holmes-sequel sleuth. Maybe they work for the Guild, or they’re part of the Union’s legal team, or just a concerned citizen with a particular set of skills. Regardless, the Investigator solves puzzles and problems, and tends to be focused on the criminal rather than the supernatural. I’ve come up with several ideas for Pursuit talents, some adapted from the tabletop game, some based on common tropes of detective fiction. Take a look and tell me what you think! Right now it’s just a list of talents, once I have 10 or 11 finalized I’ll put them in a specific order. Please suggest changes, additions, etc. As I get the Pursuit more nailed down, I’ll post updates. Starting equipment: skill toolkit or a contact in an official position(Guild Guard, Union leadership, the Freikorps, etc.) - Step 0: Eyes in the Back of Your Head: The investigator is always prepared for the unexpected. They may use Notice to determine their Defense, instead of Evade, and gain a + to all Notice checks in Narrative time. - One More Question! Rg: 8, Scrutiny + Cunning, Rst: Wp Target gains Slow. If it is engaged, it suffers 1/3/4 damage. - Allow Me To Explain: Bureaucracy + Intellect, TN 12. Enemies within 6 must pass a TN 10 Wp check to take non-Walk actions. - Knew You Were Gonna Do That: After a character within 6 declares a trigger, this character may discard a card to cancel its effects. - Disguised: While wearing a disguise (whether because of a magical effect or the use of a skill), the character cannot be charged in combat. - Deadly Pursuit: The character may move up to 4 at the end of each turn during Dramatic time. Note that this cannot allow them to disengage from combat. - Analyze the Scene: Once per session, the character may discard a card to act as though they flipped the red joker on a Notice check. This must be declared before the Notice check is actually flipped. - You Forgot One Thing: When a friendly character fails a non-combat Intellect check, this character may attempt the same check. If they succeed, the failure is ignored. - Irregulars: This character may spend 1 day and 2 scrip to gather information from various non-official contacts (street urchins, beggars, newsies, etc). This allows the character to learn one thing about a person whose identity they know. This knowledge must be obtainable by observing the target’s movements, such as where they live or work, their daily habits, or any regular acquaintances. The FM has final arbitration on what can be learned.
  8. I'm selling the 3rd edition Lucius Core Box. All models are assembled, but not glued to bases and with no paint on them. 3e cards will be included, looking for $40 USD or best offer. I also have a few other Guild models from 2nd edition boxes that I'm selling. These only have 2nd Ed. cards, so I'll consider any reasonable offers: - Nellie core box 2nd Ed. Assembled, basecoated, not glued to bases. - Witchling Thrall x2. Assembled, based, with some paint (but I can strip them before sending if desired). These models are 2nd edition, but I do have 3rd Ed. cards for them: - Von Schill Core Box. Assembled, basecoated in black, glued to bases, no other paint. $35, will throw in a translucent Freikorps Scout (no paint on him) for no charge. - Hannah Lovelace. Assembled, basecoated in black, glued to base. $20. - Arik Schottemer. Assembled, basecoated in black, glued to base. $10.
  9. I had my players investigating a series of disappearances in a town out in the Badlands. They slowly pieced together that each person who disappeared had been seen with a puppet in their likeness shortly beforehand, but they had no idea what that might mean. When they returned to their homes, one of them found a puppet which looked just like her sitting on her bed, facing the door. She immediately freaked out, went to get the other Fated, and they ended up deciding it’s better to know where the puppet was at all times, so they kept it with them. I gave them a few days of further investigations, with the puppet occasionally moving when they look away, before revealing it was being used to spy on them and keep its master one step ahead. I had expected my players to destroy the puppet or lock it away or something, not carry it around like a creepy little security blanket, so I guess we surprised each other!
  10. Im looking forward to putting this guy in my TtB games. I could see making enough money to pay him being the hook for plenty of adventures. “We need to find out who wants us dead, and only Klaus can tell us, but we’re broke. Guess it’s time to plan a heist!”
  11. I'd add defensive triggers and abilities to the enemies. Negatives to attack flips, damaging auras, or something like "when this character is damaged the attacking model gains Slow". You could also throw some Jack Daw-style tech from the skirmish game in there. Something like reducing damage on all attacks to 1. That way they're still chipping away at them, but the enemies simply can't be taken out in 1 round. Another idea would be to have little guys swarm the characters whilst the big guys threaten them. A Teddy might be no problem for your players, but what about when Wicked Dolls jump out of all the cupboards and latch onto the Fated? With Neverborn, Ressers, and pneumatic limbs all existing in this world, you could also bring defeated enemies back even stronger. What if they destroy someone utterly, and the next time they see him he's been turned into a mechanical Spider-Thing with snapping claws (a la Howard Langton)? Finally, try throwing some environmental effects in there, or otherwise make the combat more about accomplishing an objective than killing bad guys. Maybe that Teddy is just there to slow them down while the Widow Weaver escapes out a window? What if the min/maxed characters have to fight him and the Wicked Dolls, but the others can chase the Widow Weaver across the rooftops? What if the roles are reversed, and now the min/maxed Fated can only use their attacks when they do well enough in the chase to catch up?
  12. Honestly, I’m pretty happy with these changes. The only disappointment to me is that the Outcast upgrades didn’t get any attention. They’re not totally useless, but they definitely need a tweak...
  13. I'd say a Revenant would work. Their soul comes back, maybe tied to the Soulstone itself? If it's been a little while since they died, a crack in the soulstone could release their vengeful ghost, though perhaps their imprisonment has had an effect on their fragile psyche...
  14. Ferryman Honor Among Thieves Jurassic Faux
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