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  1. Honestly, I have a really hard time coming up with a standard template for encounters, at least in terms of FMC rank. What I tend to do instead is shoot for a mix of different types of enemies, to keep the encounter from feeling stale. If the minions/peons are Guild Guard who attack at range, make the Enforcer/Henchman a Witch Hunter who attacks in melee and maybe drags along a Sanctioned Spellcaster to throw some control around. Because FMC’s vary so wildly in their effects, I don’t really see their ranks as a good indicator of their power levels. For example, my current party will
  2. My players hang out in a cantina run by Gustavo, the Mexican bartender with ties to various mercenary groups. He’s super friendly, and very protective of his cantina, but he never turns away his friends, even if they’re not technically...alive. One of my players has also been flirting with Lucy, a travelling steamfitter who has been helping them with their gear. Lucy seems innocent and naive, but she’s survived in the Badlands for quite a while without any obvious protection, so maybe playing with her heart isn’t a great idea...
  3. I treat it as a summon only, there’s way more important things to spend stones on in a Levi list. When hired it’s a bit slow and easy to hit for my taste. As for why I’ve only summoned it once, my opponents tend to be very scared of it appearing in their lines, so they prioritize my aboms. It’s actually a good thing, as I generally don’t care if aboms die. If I can summon one, I will, but I’ll never include them in my game plans. This way, every attack that goes towards one is wasted, but if you don’t attack them I’ll summon a much scarier mirror monster in your face. “That
  4. I’d say it’s nice to have, but not really necessary. Since M3E started I’ve successfully summoned it...once? Still, that may be because my opponents know that it’s sitting there, waiting to murder them. I’d say it’s good as a psychological threat, but I doubt you’ll be sad if you don’t have it. That being said, if they errata it and suddenly it’s great, you might kick yourself.
  5. So many... Seriously, there are dozens
  6. Yes, I expect so, I just think it's a shame. I really enjoyed building the complex, intricate models of M2E, and I thought one of Malifaux's big draws was having models with a sense of dynamic motion that no one else could touch. I won't complain about the game becoming more accessible, though. I'm glad you like the models, I really hope they'll grow on me.
  7. I’ll be honest, I’m really disappointed in the renders. Everyone is just so...static. I mean, Maxine has some of the most interesting abilities in the game IMO, but her model is SO BORING. I’ve noticed a lot of M3E models are really static, but these take the unfortunate cake for me. I can’t bring myself to play them when the models are so uninspired. It’s a huge missed opportunity to do something really cool with the first non-nightmare seafaring crew, could have been great. Maybe they’ll get a nightmare box someday that will change my mind. Does anyone else feel this way or were my expe
  8. Well, the additional main sourcebooks are all about adding new ways to create characters, new pursuits, new powers, etc, but I wouldn’t say they’re for min/maxing. They’re more for exploring new areas of the world and getting more options. That’s not to say you can’t min/max with them, you can create some pretty broken builds, but that’s really not what TtB is for, so I’d steer players away from that idea. As for the published adventures, they vary between the Saturday morning cartoon ones you described, some that are jumping-off points for campaigns, some are better inserted into th
  9. I'm with you on this one, it doesn't seem like that's how it should work. I would treat is as simply "whenever a friendly character within (Aura) 6 discards a card".
  10. I’ve played a lot of TtB, it’s actually the preferred system for my play group, and most of the reasons for that are the mechanics. The world is fantastic, obviously, but there are lots of RPG worlds, most of which are really cool. The card mechanic is really great, and players (Fated) being able to cheat in better cards means it’s much less swingy than other games. We tend to hate situations where a really cool moment is ruined by a bad dice roll, and cheating fate avoids that entirely. Plus, if someone has taken a few ranks in Wastrel, then they can give their cheat cards to other playe
  11. Hey, congrats on starting the game, I hope you and your group have a ton of fun! The Penny Dreadfuls are great, especially if you're new to the setting, so definitely find a few you like to sprinkle into your campaign. As for your questions... 1. I like this adventure a lot, and yeah it definitely drives home the "everything is not as it seems" nature of Malifaux. If any of your Fated are trained in Stitching, like a doctor or necromancer (or even a tailor/hatmaker), then you can suggest it to them, perhaps with something like "looking at her ankle, you think you might be able to stitch i
  12. This just reminded me that we’ll get to see the further misadventures of Mlle. Emmeline Bellerose! I love that character so much, I incorporated her into my own games. Can’t wait to see how she gets mixed up with the Neverborn.
  13. Oh I’m so excited for this expansion. I’m toying with the idea of converting my next campaign to use it. It’ll still be spooky weird noir, but now the Fated will be the spooky ones! Any word on when it’ll be available as a PDF?
  14. Honestly, this is one of the things that makes me love them as a keyword. Come to think of it, my favourite keywords tend to be the ones where people have had crazy weird stuff happen to them and just gone "ok, I guess this is life now. Moving on!" Tara, Molly, even McCabe, they approach the mind-bending horror of unknowable beings and their own twisted fate with a "yes, that's nice, and?" attitude that I find endearing. You know, this:
  15. My personal fave is Gamble Your Life. Watch and laugh as Oogie Boogie Jr cries!
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