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  1. Honestly, I’m pretty happy with these changes. The only disappointment to me is that the Outcast upgrades didn’t get any attention. They’re not totally useless, but they definitely need a tweak...
  2. I'd say a Revenant would work. Their soul comes back, maybe tied to the Soulstone itself? If it's been a little while since they died, a crack in the soulstone could release their vengeful ghost, though perhaps their imprisonment has had an effect on their fragile psyche...
  3. Ferryman Honor Among Thieves Jurassic Faux
  4. Well thanks for writing in that world! Your work is very cool, and I can't wait to read more of it. 🤩
  5. I've only read the Neverborn stories, but holy cow I loved the Pandora vs. Fate one. Made me wish Fate was a playable master, sorta like the Viks. Two masters, neither as powerful or tough as a single master, but together they're bonkers! One hands out , the other hands out , rigging the deck in fun ways, they could function like a Wastrel in TtB! Ah well, I guess I'll have to settle for painting my Avatar Pandora up in red & black...
  6. Wow, tough question! Based purely on concept, I'd say McMourning, cuz I have a thing about surgery. The actual character, though, is more adorably deranged than anything else. In terms of actual character, though, it will have to be Seamus, the Mad Hatter. He's not tormented, or someone else's victim, or out of touch with reality. He knows exactly what he's doing, and how horrible it is, and that's why he likes it. He's a predator, a tiger shark surrounded by plump tourists. He doesn't want to dominate or rule, he only cares about Death. That kind of wild, unhinged hedonism is inherently scary.
  7. I'm super interested in the Badlands. A vast unforgiving wilderness, populated by frontier towns and monsters, with the occasional Neverborn ruin, which is being encroached upon by new growth of old life out of an ancient tomb? Sign me up!
  8. Personally, I far prefer the concept of the new sculpts, but I feel like the sculpts themselves just feel awkward. The art for the Ronin on the box looks amazing, but the sculpt just feels like she's halfway between two poses. The only one I really like is the one tipping her hat. I wasn't a big fan of the M2E sculpts either, just because them being dressed as whores felt unnecessary. Maybe it's time I make my own sculpts instead of kvetching about someone else's hard work...
  9. Love it! So many ideas, so little time... I'm currently working on an adventure inspired by the video game Until Dawn, in which (Spoiler Alert!) the Fated are hunted through an abandoned mine by several lean, hungry monsters. I don't know how to do the fancy "hide spoiler text" thing, sorry. My movie idea, though, is Train to Ridley: a Resurrectionist turns the passengers on a crowded train from Malifaux to Ridley into zombies! The Fated must make their way from the back of the train to the front, rescuing (or ignoring) survivors, to stop the train before it derails at the end of the line. If I can work in a small child singing "Aloha Oe" I'll be just thrilled.
  10. Great thoughts! I've been discovering similar things during my own campaign, but I love the idea of giving bosses a deck and control hand. I've definitely had boss fights that were over way too fast, and adding in my own deck/control hand would add a really interesting element to them. Especially for an "ancient evil" type boss, like a Fey.
  11. Ooooh, good point about the ES, that's going to be fun to figure out! I'll probably wait to see what direction they go with the faction before brainstorming too hard, but it's gonna be kicking around in my head, no question. Since everyone starts the campaign with a Henchman, waiting a couple of weeks to get your first Master could be a problem in shorter, 4-week campaigns. Still, it just means you probably won't have multiple masters by the end of it, or if you do then you won't have any benefits from other Bounty rewards. Does anyone have ideas for other Neverborn Bounty options? That's the one I'm most unsure about. The original Bounty referred to unrevealed schemes, but those aren't a thing anymore. Still, I love the sneaky flavour it gave the faction's objectives. I didn't think any of the current schemes gave that same sense of sneakiness, so I ended up changing it entirely, but I bet someone has another idea.
  12. First of all, if someone else has already done something similar, my apologies. I was watching a lot of Guerilla Miniatures Games Mordheim videos on YouTube recently, and it really ignited my passion for campaign-style games, with models that gain new equipment and skills over time. I love Malifaux too much to try to start a Mordheim meta near me, so I decided to take a crack at updating the campaign rules from Shifting Loyalties! The major problem is the role of Avatars in the campaign rules. I've been brainstorming other options to replace them, and have come up with the following: Riders? Not available for all factions Maybe allow players to choose a rider from any faction? Emissaries? Perhaps not powerful enough? Different type of power than Avatars, but you have to pay for them when making a list, which can be a problem Crossroads? Varying degrees of usefulness, not as powerful or universally used Masters? Make this the only way to hire a master? Keeps the campaign smaller, at least at first Replace reward flip references to avatars with “this crew may hire a single master at this time instead of flipping on the chart. No scrip is spent for the master. This option is only available from the start of the third week onwards. The master’s totem (or counterpart, in the case of the Viks) will be available to hire at the start of the next week. I'm leaning towards Masters being the best choice to replace Avatars. I like the idea that you have to "earn" your Master's attention with a bounty, or just flip the red joker during the events flip and give one to everybody. The other issue is that some of the Bounties refer to schemes or mechanics which no longer exist, or are now unfeasible. Here are my attempts to update those: Covert Operation Replace schemes with “Plant Explosives”, “Dig Their Graves”, and “Deliver A Message” On the Payroll Replace schemes with “Breakthrough”, “Power Ritual”, and “Take Prisoner” Mark Our Territory Replace “A Line in the Sand” with “Claim Jump” Neverborn - Unseen Objectives Replace with Unwilling Sacrifice: score at least 4 VP from Take Prisoner. Bayou - Burn Down the Barn Replace text with “Have a friendly model kill another friendly model, 5 times.” Ten Thunders - Ancestral Artifacts Add text: summon upgrades do not count towards this objective. If anyone has had experience with the campaign rules, or just thinks they've got a better idea for updating anything, let me know! I'm trying to avoid writing a completely new ruleset, and since Wyrd have firmly moved away from the Avatars, let's avoid re-creating them. Other than that, I'm open to all ideas, crazy or otherwise.
  13. I love the old metal ronin models, but they've been out of print for so long that I can't find them anywhere. If anyone has the set of 3, I'll happily pay or trade for newer Outcasts models. I have almost the entire faction, plus a few LE models.
  14. My favorite FM character comes from my current campaign. One of my players is wonderfully trusting, and the other is...not. So I decided to throw a Doppelganger at them and see if I could fool my wife (the suspicious one). It worked better than I could have imagined, with both characters becoming extremely protective of her. The naive one even developed a minor crush on her. They got a little suspicious when she showed up at the ritual site they were trying to disrupt, but I played it off well enough. The payoff came when my doppelganger, posing as the sweet, somewhat traumatized shopkeeper's daughter, clung onto the naive player in fear, then drew a knife and plunged it into her ribs. Nothing like starting a combat off with a critical wound to keep things interesting! Both my players were screaming, and my wife actually threw a pillow at me. They ended up cornering the doppelganger by the end of the session, and she killed herself before they could interrogate her. I haven't introduced another since then, but every new character my players come across is met with extreme suspicion. Muahahahahaha. 😈
  15. As someone who is jumping into Neverborn for 3e with Dreamer, this is super helpful. Thank you!
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