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  1. Interesting! I was puttering around with writing up a timeline to take Malifaux from the turn of the century to the late 80's thanks to inspiration from this box. I wonder if this cyberpunk-ifaux setting could have legs for an ongoing setting? Maybe the Fated hang out here for a while, or a new campaign takes place entirely in this time? Excited to check it out!
  2. They really are the whole package, aren't they? I'm gettin' all dreamy-eyed just thinking about it...
  3. I would say you’d want to avoid models which specialize in one particular thing, and instead go for models which can accomplish a variety of tasks. @belorey’s list is a great example, as the Rough Riders can do pretty much whatever you need, and are mobile enough to get where they need to be. They can also move Sidir around to give him the mobility he needs to apply pressure as necessary.
  4. Ha! I said in the announcement thread that I want to run a TtB game based on Tremors now.
  5. Huh, I just noticed how useful Jaws of the Beast is. It doesn't just ignore the from Friendly Fire, you just straight-up ignore all negative modifiers. Manipulative? Engage with the Worm and boost your whole crew's shooting against them.
  6. Yes! Thank you @Nathan Caroland, this is exactly what I've been picturing. Pretty sure I need to run a TtB game that's just Tremors 3 now...
  7. Ok, now that the Sand Worm is revealed, I’m thinking Basse is gonna be really interesting. It adds a new wrinkle for enemies to consider, and it makes your dust clouds a potential threat, rather than purely defensive. Icing on the cake is it’s a beast, so it synergizes with Paul Crockett! I think it’ll take some getting used to to maximize its potential, as it is quite vulnerable once its unburied, but let’s not forget that there’s now a decent amount of healing in a Frontier crew to keep it in the fight. I can’t wait to get some table time with baby Shai-Hulud.
  8. That's very true. We'll have to see what the future brings, but not having to bunch up in a tiny space is pretty dang huge. Between Home on the Range and Pathfinders, the Frontier crew is looking to be a great positioning crew, with more stopping power than the Wastrels.
  9. I think Basse is going to have an interesting role to fill in ES. With the addition of Rough Riders his crew is super mobile, and with Home on the Range they even start farther up field. The crew had little mobility tricks before, of course, such as Follow My Path, but they didn't really do enough on their own. Now they're enabling a much more fluid gunline and getting Reichart wherever he wants to be. Being a gunline also means they put out good ranged damage, with everyone having a decent gun. They don't compete with, say, Perdita or Sonnia in Guild, but here in ES I hope they'll
  10. I like that the healing trigger is after resolving. That way, even if your hand is garbage, a low tome can still be relevant. I think they’ll add a very interesting new dynamic to both crews. Imagine taking a RR with a Ruffian, or Pathfinder. Chain Gang/Follow My Path, Ride With Me, Fast movement, could equal 25”/24” of movement in 1 turn. Why yes, I think I will score Breakthrough, thank you! Not super necessary in Wastrel, what with Hucksters and all, but in a Frontier crew? That kind of mobility is completely game-changing, especially considering they can move other models into better
  11. That is a horrible image and I blame you for putting it in my head. I want it in the faction, but not in my freakin' nightmares!
  12. Ok regardless of card previews or lack thereof, this is a really fun adventure. I can't wait to convince my Fated loading themselves into a giant bullet pointed at the cursed moon is a great idea. It even has Star Trek references!
  13. @Corbeau Thanks, this is exactly the kind of feedback I was looking for! - I like your suggestion of Eyes in the Back of Your Head being a later talent, rather than a step 0, but of course now I have to come up with a new step 0. Dangit! Your suggestion to make it the final talent along with always being able to cheat Notice checks is great, I'll definitely keep that. - The Disguised talent is drawn from the skirmish game rules, but I think I can speak to the rationale behind it all the same. Essentially, the character doesn't appear to be a threat, and so is treated as an innocent b
  14. Ok, I just learned this and thought it’d be appreciated here. T-Rex arms only looked little in comparison to their body. They’re actually roughly the size of human ar,a and are theorized to be able to curl 200 lbs, which is more than enough to slap you into a coma. I will one hundred percent be telling my opponents that my M-Rex slapped their models to death.
  15. They’re mentioned in one of the the TtB books, the core rule book, I think, and they’re also in the Outcast story from the last M2E book. The one where they’re all meeting to discuss the Guild making mercenaries illegal. If I remember right, they’re supposed to be able to shoot a hole in a coin or something before they’re officially welcomed into the Catalan Corps. Maybe we’ll be getting minion snipers to be like mini-Hans? I’d love to see Outcast versatile minions that aren’t support pieces, just for a change of pace.
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