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Tinywargames mat


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Just got my hands on this mat from TinyWarGames:


It's a 4x4 with a 3x3 area marked out in the middle. I didn't want to wait for getting a custom M3E grid put on it, but they are willing to do so. They are a bit pricey, but not ridiculously so and they have some maps that are different than other companies. 

I wanted to try a fabric mat to see how they looked, but when it came to shipping the fabric mat was actually more expensive to ship than their 'lino' mat. I've not seen anyone else using linoleum for mats (at least I think that's what it is more or less). Their rubber backed mat looks good too, but more expensive and a longer wait. Maybe in the future. I beleive Fabric is their standard for their mats (as in the link above), but they offer any of their designs in their other materials. Getting a 4x4 with 3x3 inside means any slight deviation on cutting means it won't affect the play area. 

Ok, I love this mat. I recently changed my table to a 4x4 folding banquet table from amazon (technically its sadly just under 4 foot). I plan to leave this mat on the table and just place my 3x3 mats in the middle, giving me a nice marked out area.

This Lino mat is very nice. Its a thick material and the image is great. It is a just a little shiny, but that might be my lighting too. I'm a little worried that it may scratch easily over time, but I think with just a little care that should be avoidable. The image is beautiful and the mat feels good. Would I prefer a mousemat material? Probably, and their rubber backed is similar I assume but I didn't want to wait. After ordering this mat got to me in just under 3 weeks total (shipping from UK to west coast of US). 

You can see better images at the link above, but below is my first table setup on the mat. I'm thinking I'll pull Yan Lo my first game on it (well, Yan Lo vs. Reva as I'm stuck playing solo most of the time still). The terrain is a bit of a mix of BattleSystems, Crescent Root Studios (buildings), and other random bits and bobs. I used some 'stones' from BattleSystems river to create more points on the water to allow movement across streams, etc. 




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