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To start out, you'll be playing Shoebox games.

If the players really get into it, they can get up to Chest or Wardrobe feasibly.  In order to get up to Puppapocalpse, everyone needs their own copy of the game, and they'd really need to get into it. So Puppapocalypse probably isn't happening unless everyone's buying their own game box.


At Shoebox, Chest, and Wardrobe size, you can share the puppets from one box for three players.  (You'll need an extra deck of cards for the third player.)

There's the practical issue:  There are 44 puppets in the game box:

  • 3 masters (each player needs one) 3 in the box
    • Lady Justice
    • Pokey Viktoria
    • Seamus
  • sidekicks (limit one, but you don't need one) 5 in box
    • Judge
    • Misaki
    • Rusty Alice
    • Bete Noire
    • Hooded Rider
  • pawns (limit three of each) 12x3=36
    • Punk Zombie
    • Convict Gunslinger
    • Malifaux Cherub
    • Nurse
    • Rotten Belle
    • Ronin
    • Razorspine Rattler
    • Silurid
    • December Acolyte
    • Deth Marshal
    • Guild Austringer
    • Executioners

The game sizes are:

  • Shoebox: 8
  • Chest: 12
  • Wardrobe: 16
  • Puppoapocalype: 32

Let's look at that game size in terms of "Maximum number of people per box":

  • Puppopocalypse:  Each player needs to buy a box
  • Wardrobe: 3 players per box (you'll want to use drafting)
  • Chest: 3 players per box
  • Shoebox: 3 players per box (masters become the limiting factor)

Note that the game does specify maps for two, three and four players, but you only get enough toys for at most three players in a box, and only two decks.

It's a $75 game, how many copies of the game are you going to buy?  Note that assembly of the figures is required, and painting is suggested.  (I'd also suggest getting a paint marker or something to go over the tokens, but that's maybe extra...)  You'll also want to buy a few boxes of the colored 30mm base packs so that the players can tell their puppets apart.  So that's really:

* $75 per game box

* $5 to $10 per player for a set of colored bases

* The two decks of cards in game box have the same backing, so you'll probably want to get card sleeves for the decks to avoid getting the cards mixed together.  I don't know off hand how much MTG style sleeves for 52 cards costs.  The fate decks from Wyrd's other games would work, but those go for $12 or $13 each.  You can use a regular poker deck instead, but you'll probably end up using a marker on the deck because the Malifaux suits aren't the same as the regular poker suits and the two jokers have to be different colors.


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Shoebox is good news. It's what we were thinking. We have 2 copies of the first Ed game and 3 of unstitched and all the spray paint you could ask for. As for fate deck sleeves, I need to get those together. Teachers have more ability for requisition than student leaders ;)

We have 5 in the club. 2 boards. I play a weird Pandora shoebox to provide a puzzle for the kids.

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