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Medium Pursuit Flavor


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Hello all.

I was just looking for some advice on the Medium pursuit in Under Quarantine.  I really like the Pursuit, and the idea of a character able to summon vengeful spirits.  But the character I am envisioning doesn't really fit the Three Kingdoms aesthetic of Seishen, Onryo, and Goryo.  The concept I am playing with is an Artist who is slowly driven mad by his newfound connection to the spirit world, and channels that into his art.  He paints and writes poetry about the dark twisted things, and beings in his dreams.  He learns to draw them into the living world through his inspired (disturbed) work, gaining more and more powerful visions and spirits to call on as he loses more of his sanity.  I see him as something like a Cthulhu inspired William Blake lol.  Perhaps the Obliteration Tyrant influenced his affinity to the spirit realm...


Would it be best simply to use the stats of the given spirits allowed by Medium to summon and just change the Flavor/Appearance?  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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That's the great thing about Through the Breach! You can shift and change stuff as much as you like (so long as you check with your Fatemaster). 


I'd personally recommend using the given stats and changing them based on flavor and appearance. The Seishin could easily be weak specters or the outlines of a painter's thought (a Concept?). Onryo could be more aggressive blots of shimmering color (replacing the Vengeful Shriek action with "Color Pulse" or "Pain of the Artist"), and Goryo could be humanoid figures surrounded with darkness and screaming half-real phantasms of other artworks or images the artist draws.

Gaki would make excellent sketches or weird madness-creatures, all spikes and limbs trying to feed on the real world to sustain themselves. Your Seirei (if your Fated really gets into being a Medium) could be called a Masterpiece. Maybe a colorful Spirit version of your Fated, or the most frightening dreams that always seem to reoccur? 

You could always suggest adding Triggers to attacks or Talents that your summoned Spirits can gain to really drive that thematic idea home. Manifested Powers are a great way to do this too. 

Ultimately it's up to you. Create something new, or use any of the great TTB resources to pick and choose stuff you like. Make the campaign your own! Just remember to okay it with everyone else so they don't get surprised when you're showing up with VERY strange Spirits!

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