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Emissary with Tara.


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I have no glued these two cards together. He is so strong in this crew. Being able to give a 5 AP master Don’t Mind Me is bonkers strong. She has such amazing denial and with her movement really asks your opponents questions.

On his own he is perfectly good but with as many models that Tara can summon his 3 inch push with place a scheme marker is amazing for schemes marker pools but also adds some strong movement to your models. I tend to then give Nothing Beast regen. As he is able to hang around in one location longer and can be healed from another source. He also works well with the prospector to give him the marker to pick up for cards or more. Or if he is engaged, target another model in his LOS to put a scheme down for him to push towards. 

He fills a great role in the crew and I just can’t see myself not taking them together now I have played it so much. 

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Nice to read your perspective on this! I just can't seem to click with our Emissary. Tried him a couple of times (love his model), but everytime I just wish I brought something else. Sure he has trinkets that can be nice, but is it worth 10ss? He's also very slow, and can drain your cards which I already have enough sources of in my crews. Trying to stay in his bubble really hampers the speed/mobility of your crew.

Dont mind me on Tara seems nice though! Wouldnt her place ability be enough to get her to the places (and unengaged) to interact? Then again, Tara crews tend to have points spare for this kind of shenanigans. You would not rather bring, say, Rusty or Ashes & Dust?

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He has effective Mv5, since the aura applies to himself. 

I already detailed in another post how good he is fir a Tara crew, and I specially include him if I'm bringing Talos, in order to solve his Mv issues:

  • Hit Talos with Aionus for Fast. 
  • Push him with the Emissary and drop a scheme for a prospector or Covetous Cravings. 
  • Mv, Mv, Chanrge for a total thread range of 19".
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As mentioned above his aura moves with him and when models start there activation within his aura they gain the movement bonus for the whole activation. So unburying stuff with aionus in to his aura gives your wretches another couple of inches. His heal is still a nice range and his gun isn’t anything to sniff at.

Dont get me wrong I’m a huge proponent for Alyce and our undercosted henchman (hence username) however when I play Tara I am playing her differently to how I would play Levi or Parker. I tend to use Tara for denial and as a scheme/stray runner, other than a summoner she’s not doing much else.  So if someone has just planted a bomb and is covering it off I like for her to get to it pick it up leap away, with her reactivate I can plant it myself without response due to pass tokens. Same goes for search detonate breakthrough. 

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