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Defenses of the Breach?


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Greetings all, I’m currently working on writing up more fleshed out descriptions of major areas of Malifaux, trying to prep for a slightly sandbox style story for some amazing-if somewhat challenging players lol. I’ve done a lot of reading as well as listening through the fantastic Breachside Broadcast (love you guys). In all the descriptions of the actual Breach Portal I’ve only ever heard it described as being extremely well protected, and on either side of the Breach, and a great way to get yourself killed if approaching unannounced or uninvited (save via train travel).


And of course it would be. I can imagine the Guild’s paranoia of loosing access to Malifaux a second time. Is there any semi official fluff or resource that better describes the defenses and set up surrounding the Breach Archway? Is it just heavily garrisoned, walled, overwatched by titanic war constructs (all the above lol)? Any input or suggestions is greatly appreciated.

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There's a story, probably first edition but it might be 2nd, that starts with an engineer working on the stabilizer crews.  (The engineer was self-healing powers, that they're trying to hide...). Kaeris is mentioned, and I think the engineer ends up kidnapped by Marcus.  That's the only story I can think of that might mention details about the area built up around the Breach.


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Haven't seen that one, but I will try to find it. Thx very much.  Ya even the pod cast of Hoffman+Ryle traveling on the train to Malifaux, they kind of miss the details of the scene emerging through the portal.  Granted they had a pretty awful experience going thru the portal and then got totally distracted by some Arcanist train raiders...I can understand why neither was looking out the window noting the scenery :D

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