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Hayreddin's Blood Sacrifice Trigger


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I'm very new to M3E and a lot of rules/interactions/synergies arent obvious to me yet as I continue to learn & reacquaint myself w Malifaux.  What is the goal/usefulness of Hayreddin's Blood Sacrifice trigger on his shotgun?  Is it to shoot a friendly BB model and get the blast dmg + corpse marker?  Some veteran NB player please explain it to me, if you would be so kind, and then how to maximize it in addition to any unique synergies it may have w other models or interactions.  Thank u.  

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Hi! The crew use corpses to both heal and replace minions for better versions (Tots -> Young/Twins/BBS -> Mature), so yes, you got it right. The idea is shooting your own Nephs, relent the defense, cheat a low mask if you didin't fliped it to generate a corpse and then feed your Nephs for healing or grow tokens. You can also generate corpses out of enemies; but enemies are less likely to stay quiet so you can cheat your low mask, so it isn't that reliable. BBS has also this same trigger and are a popular choice to promote into matures because they pulse focused while doing so (and are also 1SS cheaper than the alternatives).

2 important notes, you cannot get blasts out of friendly models attacked, check also the pg10 of the rulebook (digital) to see how relenting works because it's very important for this tactic.

A nice trick I learned recently, hire a wicked doll and use it to put Adversary(Nephillim) to the target of your attack (the poor friendly Nephilim choosed for this); this way you will flip 2 cards and will have twice the chances to get the mask without having to cheat.

An last extra note, Nekima and Vasilisa may help a Neph to consume 2 corpses in 1 turn; I'm not sure if it's worth it but it may theoreticaly let you generate Matures out of BBS in turn 1.

Hope it helps!

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