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The What If scenario thread


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Recently, due to a rather busy daily schedule that mostly involves chasing a very active toddler, I realized that I've been having a lot of quick but simple ideas that I've been throwing into my personal rp sessions, and it got me thinking, why not make a thread for quick, quirky ideas for ttb?

The concept is simple; any idea posted here shouldn't be too fleshed out, just a what if question that can lead a fatemaster in strange and engaging directions in their personal campaigns. I'll start us off with one I've been toying with to hilarious effect. 


What if the voice of the whisper sounded like the narrator from Naughty Bear?


And that's as far as the suggestion goes. Obviously feel free to post the more entertaining results from this thread, but for any ideas submitted, they should just be a very basic jumping off point for whoever intends to use it. Look forward to seeing some interesting thoughts!

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