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Hooded Rider - Moonlit Charge question


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Hi there :)

Yesterday I had a game against my brother. We got in an argument about the Timing with Riders Moonlit Charge.

My Rider ended up killing the last model he attacked, wich resulted in the model getting removed from the game.

Where can I place the Rider from this Point on. Does he get placed before the model is removed, in 2 inch range of the second to last model he attcked or doesn't he get placed at all?


Clarification would be apreciated :) 

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The Hooded Rider won't get placed if the "the last model targeted by one of these Actions" has been removed from the game by that action.

When they transitioned from M2E to M3E, the designers took a very dim view of keeping things in play after they were killed, and only effects that are explicitly "after killing/being killed" were adjusted for timing.

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