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Hello fellow players!
I figured I would shoot my shot, before buying full box sets. Perhaps there are like-minded players out there who don't need/want the full box of models, and are looking to clear up some space.
Looking to take the following models off of your hands. PM me if you can help. Live in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada, for what it is worth...

1-2 Depleted
Ten Thunders half of the Undying box (2 Katashiro, Minako Rei and Wanyudo)
1-2 Samurai
Shadow Emissary
Alt Sidir (Cherri Bomb, I know it is a stretch)
1 Tanuki
The Lone Swordsman
Izamu, the Armor

1-2 Wokou Raiders
Both Viktorias (any of the assorted versions of them)

Anna Lovelace
1-2 Ashigaru
Carrion Emissary
1-2 Gravediggers
Manos the Risen
1 Student of Steel
Yin, the Penangalan

***LONG SHOT*** to fill in for Copycat Killer with my Alt Seamus
Puppet Wars Seamus
Evil Baby Orphanage Lizzie or Jack (preferred)

Thanks in advance!

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