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Waldo's Weekly - Fear of the Dark


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Hey Wyrdos,

This week, Waldo told us that he wanted to participate in some human Halloween traditions, so we suggested something simple: bobbing for apples. Lo and behold, the next day we arrived at work, our parking spaces were taken up with an above-ground pool. While some of us initially thought that he outdid himself, we were all collectively horrified when we saw corpses floating in the water. With a mouthful of candy, Waldo pointed at each and every one of us and shouted, “Whatcha waiting for? Get in there, you appholes!”

So while we explain (and clean up) this horrible miscommunication, let’s take a look at a brand new One Shot for Through the Breach: Bubbling Up From Below!



In Bubbling Up From Below, the Fated find themselves in a seedy saloon in the Bayou (then again, which pub in the swamp isn’t seedy?). After a few drinks and strange looks from the locals, they’re offered a rare opportunity that is too strange to resist.

Like most offers from strangers, this one ends up being too good to be true. What the players don’t know is that something dark lingers out there in the swamp, seeping into the water itself… but the only way to find out just how bad things get is to scoop it up and play it yourselves.

Gather your friends around the table, dim the lights, and tempt Fate itself in this spooky adventure, because it’s time we find out exactly what’s Bubbling Up From Below!

To download this Through the Breach One Shot, visit DriveThruRPG here. It’s only five bucks!


That’s not the only thing you’ll find available digitally this week. If you’re a veteran player who prefers to put the classic female Hog Whisperer or Miss Demeanor (the alt Convict Gunslinger from a few years back), the M3E stat cards are now available on WargameVault and will go live on the app soon.

If that’s not enough of a treat for you this season, make sure to get your submissions in for the Rotten Harvest Painting contest for a chance to win up to $150 in webstore credit! Time’s running out, so get those creepy models painted and posted!

That’s it from us. See you next week!

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