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I had played some mobile MOBA game (like Dota or LOL) before, and found some feature can be appear to the Malifaux app as well. In those game there are a large number of characters in the game as you can imagine. So, to help the new player picking up the character more quickly, the develop team has made a embedded Wiki inside the game itself. While reading the character profile, players can also see the comments and playing guides of the character which written by other players at the same time.

Back to Malifaux. Since PullMyFinger fallen, there is not yet any replacement. Yes we do have several Wiki out there, but none is as informative as the old PMF (and even PMF did not have much about the new wave of M2E). So why doesn't Wyrd make a official Wiki, and embed into the Malifaux app. This Wiki will not contain a long detail tactical article for every model like PMF, instead every player that is using the app can contribute to it. Here are some ideas about what info can be included into the Wiki.

  • Attribute Score:
    • Every model has 6 attributes: Offense, Defense, Mobility, Scheming, Control, Support.
    • Every player can assign score from 0 to 5 to the attributes of a model.
    • All players' score will be collected and calculated to a community score and shown in the app.
  • Tag:
    • Players can add tag(s) which contains a single word or two to describe the model, like: beater, anti-scheming, min3, etc.
    • Tags that are added by multiple players will be shown in the app.
  • Usage Data:
    • Every single game created by the app will send back all data to Wyrd (under the permission of both players) for data analyzing.
    • Some useful numbers are like: pick rate(in faction/keyword, in each S&S), win rate, most frequent teammate, etc.
    • There will be heavy workloads to do for collecting the data. But the data can also be useful to Wyrd for balancing the game. They can easily tell there is an issue when a model has extreme pick rate and/or win rate.

Wyrd can also promote some players to editor and provide them permission to edit the Wiki and write guiding article for models, such that the Wiki can become the traditional type Wiki just like PMF.


I believe this is a considerable and doable idea. Please let me know how everyone thinks about this.

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Wyrd already has the data from games, so they'd be able to do that with or without a wiki.

I have at various times considered something like the tagging system you're describing, but never scoped it out.

I'd be curious what kind of support this idea would get from A Wyrd Place, which I think gets more traffic than this forum does.

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