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Fauxboy 1 is a tournament ran by me (one of Manchester's local henchman) down at Fanboy3 on 29th of September in the city centre. It is a 50 soul stone, single faction tournament with no Dead Mans Hand and no duel masters. To enter a crew the fully build and glued to a base. Proxies will be allowed for models that are not released just message me before hand to check if they are suitable (basically no using space marines as well anything) conversions are also allowed just check with me as well.
Tickets are £5 and can be bought in advance (message the store on Facebook) or on the day. it will also be ran off of Bag O Tools so that players can easily find there partners.
Schemes and Strats will be announced soon.
⦁    11-11:30- Registration
⦁    11:30-11:45- Introductions and first round pairings
⦁    11:45-14:00- Round 1
⦁    14:10-16:25- Round 2
⦁    16:25-17:00- Break and Best Painted Judging
⦁    17:00-19:15- Round 3
⦁    19:20-19:45- Awards and Goodbyes

Store address: 

Please contact me for anymore details


1. Dan Brown

2. Dan Knight

3. Kevin Gillett

4. Zed Strong







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