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  1. Sounds good just let me know and I'll put you're name down
  2. Fauxboy 1 is a tournament ran by me (one of Manchester's local henchman) down at Fanboy3 on 29th of September in the city centre. It is a 50 soul stone, single faction tournament with no Dead Mans Hand and no duel masters. To enter a crew the fully build and glued to a base. Proxies will be allowed for models that are not released just message me before hand to check if they are suitable (basically no using space marines as well anything) conversions are also allowed just check with me as well. Tickets are £5 and can be bought in advance (message the store on Facebook) or on the day. it will
  3. Looks nice but.............. you need to clean the base rim
  4. You can but the best way to use them is to take a Duet and don't use it's bonus action until the end of it's activation and from there you split it down and on you're next activation activate the second coryphée and reform it to get another two actions out of it. Remember that once it splits you need to nominate the one that is activated
  5. I'm a big fan of Collette in 3e the strategy and Scheme pools are good for her while she dies struggle with Reckoning adding Coraphes and Carlos/Cassandra can make her pretty good at it. She also has the bonus of a cheap healer in her keyword. My only problem with her is that if you're opponent leaves her alone she is needing to use her actions to get herself in position
  6. On the 6th of July (one week after 3e release) I'll be running a demo day down at Fanboy3 in Manchester if you are in the area and would like to try out 3e please please along. There should also be space for people to come down and play casual games. I'll add more information when the store confirms all the details
  7. I think they might repackage th 2e starter set but with a 3e rule book. The models are still usable so it might be the best bet
  8. I'm planning on getting Lynch to add to my collection and was wondering what i should buy to go with him to play him as a ten thunders master. So far the plan is to get his box, Mr Tannen, Mr Graves and Gwyneth Maddox but other then that in stuck. Has anyone got any suggestions?
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