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The Bayou Beatdown


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Hey guys just wanted to plug our new Facebook and Youtube Channel: The Bayou Beatdown! This is gonna be a weekly show where we discuss Malifaux, the Bayou and how much Coffee you can give a Rooster before its heart explodes. Tune in Wednesdays nights at 9PM EST to check it out. If you missed it last night our first show had some tech difficulties and we had to struggle a bit but once we got rolling it was a great show.


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15 hours ago, green-n-dumb said:

Sounds interesting, but facebook is the worst place can ever be.
Blog with podcasts or youtube podcasts/videos are FAR FAR better.

We have only been using FB because Youtube has so far been a full on pain in the arse for hosting 2 people at once, especially since they have no disabled using Hangouts to broadcast from 

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