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Premade character sheets?


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The following Penny Dreadful One Shots have Pre-Generated characters: Earthly Desires, Honor Among Thieves, Sixteen Tons, The Hand that Feeds, and, The Show Must Go On. They should be listed as "Fated Characters." They can be found at: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/browse/pub/5162/Wyrd-Miniatures/subcategory/23027_23029/Through-the-Breach

I hope this helps!

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On 3/16/2019 at 7:31 PM, DarkSpade said:

But are they full character sheets?   I picked up one of their free rpg day books once and the premades were written up like NPCs.

Heya! So what exactly are those character sheets missing that one filled in by hand are missing? I just double checked, using Honor Among Thieves as my reference and the Fated sheets have all of the Aspects, Derived Aspects, Attacks with any triggers, and Skills. The included backgrounds have the gear, twist deck, and Destiny

What I'm saying is I'm not certain what you feel the Fated sheets are missing. Fatemaster Characters have the same information with the addition of the Derived Aspects calculated with their rank.

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 I'm looking at Earthly Desires.  Or rather, I'm taking a much closer look at it.  When I saw how it was presented, I passed it off as an NPC with the Fated tag and no rank.  It's better than I had thought, so I'll be making some copies for when I get a chance to spring the game on my friends.

Still, they could be better(I'm admittedly picky).  The skills make no mention of what attribute they're paired with. Whenever a player wants to use a skill we'll have to either look it up, or guess(which keeps the game going).  Also, some more info on the origins of some of the specials would have been nice.  For example, labeling Lin Jiang's "Tenacious Warrior" as a general talent and "Poison Mist" as Elemental Nova Magica with Poison Immuto.  True I was able to figure it out, but I've also read both editions of the rule book multiple times.  I'll be using the premades to show the game to people who haven't even held the book.


But like I said, I'm picky.  These are  better than 5th ed D&D premades.  Thanks for the info, I may never have given these a second look otherwise.


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