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Alternate Scenario Ideas


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One thing that I always judge a game on is its flexibility for scenarios, especially in the form of alternate win conditions, setup, etc. I think Wyrd has really knocked it out of the park in the form of The Other Side, and I although I really enjoy the rulesbook scenarios, I think there's a lot of opportunity for others. They've already released at least one in the Wyrd Chronicles, but I thought it would be interesting to see what sort of scenario ideas the community has come up with. Post your ideas here, no matter how fleshed out they are!

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I'll start the topic off with an idea I'd been pitching around today while waiting. I enjoyed the fluff about the Cult of the Burning Man in Egypt, and got to thinking about how all the factions could have been involved. I imagined Egypt as a sort of Cold War-esque battleground between the King's Empire and Abyssinia, as the British had a presence there at this time in the real world, and there were connections made between Egypt and Abyssinia in the fluff. The basics for the scenario I came up with were that Cairo gets hit similarly to London, and in the midst of the chaos, a group of KE and Abyssinian forces sneak in to get vital information while cultists and fishmen duke it out in the street.

The scenario would use the boxed sets from KE and Abyssinia, but led by Margaret and the Lord of Steel respectively. The forces would need to find and secure objective markers. The biggest twist would be that Speckled Crawlers and The Broken would spawn occasionally and fight with each other, but would readily attack any other forces they ran into. I haven't ironed out all the details, but it seemed like a good start.

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"We found the nest!"

1 Commander + 10 Scrip

Earthside Allegiance Attacker

Gibbering Hordes Defender

Special Rules: Behind Enemy Lines Stratagem is illegal. The GH Player begins with 5 free egg clutches. These clutches may not activate and do not count towards the player's model count. These clutches must be placed in the Defenders deployment zone. 

Scoring: The Attacker wins if they manage to kill all 5 special Egg Clutches AND have units remaining by the end of Turn 5. If either condition is not met, the Defender wins.

Deployment, 4'x4' Standard or Corners. 

I make no claim to the balance of this Operation.



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Forgot about Horomatangi
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3 hours ago, SAYNE said:

35S 1 Commander

A special note:  I'm assuming the logic here is that you have up to 35ss to throw around, and can bring one commander.   That gives Horomatangi a special advantage since he doesn't normally get the same number of scrip as other Commanders. (You're literally gifting him with 3 free scrip over every other commander)

I think it makes more sense to start talking about lists as something like "1 Commander + 10SS" rather then just assuming a total.

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