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Thedeadclaw's Painted Crews


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Hey! I haven't posted any of my crews before because they're not great painting(I have bad tremors and have never done much art before, which when combined make my minis look a little more shaky than I'd like), but I still am very proud of how they look because I've been able to make them look decent despite how hard it is for me to paint them. I guess I just want to show them off, even if they're not as good as most of y'all's work! They're just crew boxes with no additional models, except Zoraida who I've paired with Amphibious Assault because... Silurids.

Please be nice about them and I hope you enjoy seeing a more amateur experience in painting Malifaux!


This one was my first crew and I think it shows, but there's still a lot I really like about it!


I don't like that this crew feels as disjointed as it does, but I like all of the individual pieces so I'd probably do it again the same way if I had to paint it again.


This one was big for me because it was my first time using a basing grass, first time using epoxy resin for water, and my first time realizing you can blend paints together on the mini to make a more cohesive color scheme!


I tried drybrushing for the first time here with Molly and I really didn't like the result. Thankfully I went back and tried it with later crews to better effect, but the experience soured me from drybrushing minis and I only drybrush the bases now. Also you can see the start of my addiction to metallic paint here.


I had a lot of problems with this crew. I had particularly bad shakes while I was painting it, and a lot of the lips show that, plus much of the skin and white cloth have a dirtier look than I like usually. I still like this crew a lot and the bases I painted for it are some of my favorite that I've done for the game to date.


This crew was the worst for me, hands down. I struggled a lot with the alternative parts on two of the models, I struggled with getting the colors smooth, and one of the minis wouldn't stay based with superglue and so I resorted to hot clue, which just sucks. I don't like the way that part looks and I'm thinking about getting minor terrain to mask it with. I love the color selection I made still, and Lynch himself turned out alright, but this is my low point as of yet.


Despite getting this crew last I actually painted it before Titania because I wanted Titania's crew's colors to match and so I painted the whole crew at the same time. Ironically, despite not intending to, I did the same thing here. I really like how these turned out, especially the stained wood stages I made for them and the multicolored fluff for the wicked dolls. It's nice to get to play with Collodi before he goes away for a while. I really enjoyed painting this crew, and even though it looks pretty simple I think it's technically one of my better ones.

large.Titania.jpg.98e3018fc72ac52f7ec66c11d265867e.jpgAnd finally Titania, my favorite master in the game! I wanted everything to be perfect for her. I modeled the coloration of the Gorar after the red spitting cobra, since they're incredibly fast nocturnal snakes who spray venom that isn't usually enough to kill humans but is very painful and look somewhat similar to the model. I based the rest on Victorian ruins because of the whole Nythera/fairy queen aspect. I had a copious amount of blood on Titania, but I wanted her wings to be more crisp, so I put a black base coat and messily gilded them, allowing her black wings to show from underneath. I'm actually going to put a "stained glass" window behind her once I can find a good price on a printer with transparency features.

Anyways, that's it! I hope you guys enjoyed seeing some less awe inspiring pictures of crew, and I hope maybe someone else with bad tremors can see that even if it's harder to paint well, your minis can still look pretty okay!

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@Thedeadclaw: You've clearly put quite a lot of thought into your models. The use of thematic colours are a very unifying aspect of them, as is thematic basing. As @PetitDalek says, I enjoyed reading about your processes. Remember to delight in your successes - and having so many painted crews is a success! I wish I had half that many painted!

What's the nature of your tremors? Both hands? Would a painting handle help? There are lots of different designs out there.

Oh, and because your painting style is (probably from necessity) a block-colour style, it might be worthwhile to investigate the use of washes to define the model texture. In fact, I'm going to suggest something that's normally considered heresy by some painters* - a dip. Google 'Army Painter Dip' and see if it suits you. I think your combination of blocked areas of bright colours would suit dipping really well.

Keep painting.



*I subscribe to the belief that the most important thing in painting is to enjoy yourself. If you develop a skill you love, that's even better. But, most importantly, if it gets you the effect you want, there's no wrong technique.

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4 hours ago, Caedrus said:

What's the nature of your tremors? Both hands? Would a painting handle help?

I have fairly severe tremors, sometimes localized to my hands but more often borsering on seizure territory, which is a lot less fun to talk about, but honestly despite being pretty sucky is something you learn to work around. I have meds that help to minimize them somewhat which is awesome, but I have to paint minis separate from the bases even because otherwise some of the worse tremors cause streaks of color that the base gets in the way of fixing. I try to minimize it by working with both hands so that the tremors sometimes even out, but as you can see with Reva's crew, it just doesn't turn out the way I want sometimes!

I've actually thought about using the dip method, but I'm worried it'll muddy my colors too much. I love having bright colors (one of the world hooks for me is that brighter colors under the other Sun) and I'd hate to sacrifice that to have more realistic models. It's been a connundrum because there just isn't much of a different effect with the way I'm washing my models right now, so I might end up buying some tester minis and trying the dip method on them!

Thank you both for your kind words, they mean a lot!!!

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