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Kirai - first game


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Hello All,

Decided to try and learn Kirai to up my game a bit more in the tournament scene. Any tips on how to get the most of out her? As I found my self struggling a little bit with placements etc. Tried the following list and got a 4-4 draw against brewmaster in extraction.

Declared Faction: Resurrectionists 
Crew Name: Kirai - 50ss 
Leader: Kirai Ankoku - Cache:(3)
   Swirling Aether 2ss 
   Absorb Spirit 1ss 
   Spirit Beacon 1ss 
Philip and the Nanny 8ss 
   Haunting Cries 0ss 
Lampad 7ss 
   My Little Helper 1ss 
Genbu the Tortoise 10ss 
Rotten Belle 5ss 
Rotten Belle 5ss 
Desperate Mercenary 3ss 
Desperate Mercenary 3ss 


Summoned 3 Goryo and 1x onryo by the end of the game. 

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Probably the most common way to run kirai is to focus on her summons. That's what she will really need the cards from Philip for. But for that you want some things to summon from. Decaying aura on izamu ( genbu) makes him a much scarier model to face. If you aren't planning to summon much ( more than once a turn on average) then you probably can get rid of some of that support.  Don't the Mercenaries cost 4 for her in crew creation?


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