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Somer Gremlin spam- thoughts?

Anung Un Rama

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I am currently building and painting my three Gremlins masters to take to a tournament in october. Mah and Ulix are done and Im about to start on Somer. I was thinking about this all comers list. Boring or fun?

Somer-family tree, dirty cheater and show off cache of 5

2 skeeters

gremlin crier

slop hauler

the sow

4 bayou gremlins


lucky effigy

I just love the sow and put her in all of my lists. i dont care if she dies too fast cause in some games she goes hog wild!. Should i maybe put pork whispering on crier to help with any piglets the sow spits out?

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I mean looks interesting. I’ve never been able to get show off to work for me but if it works that’s cool. With Somer I’d probs want a lightning bug cus it’s better at healing t1 and gives a little more punch to your list.

Also if you really want to spam take a taxidermist.

Without changing the core of the list:

Declared Faction: Gremlins 
Crew Name:  50ss 
Leader: Somer Teeth Jones - Cache:(4)
   Family Tree 2ss 
   Do Over 1ss 
   Encouragement 2ss (you could put show off back if it works)
Skeeter 2ss 
Skeeter 2ss 
Gremlin Taxidermist 7ss 
   Dirty Cheater 1ss 
The Sow 8ss 
Slop Hauler 5ss 
Lightning Bug 5ss 
Bayou Gremlin 3ss 
Bayou Gremlin 3ss 
Bayou Gremlin 3ss 
Banjonista 5ss 

i really like getting use out of the models you bring to make more models t1. Somer makes 3x bayous. Make one encouragement punch Somer to move somer around and have the bayou take one damage. Focus punch with the skeeters to kill the 3 damaged bayou with a skeeter and use it’s trigger And make a skeeter, draw 3 cards and get a corpse marker. Use the taxidermist and make a stuffed pig and that’s it. That leaves you with 15 models to control the board often the taxidermist makes 1-2 more after that and the sow can potentially make a few piggy so your numbers probably won’t dwindle to much. The stuffed piggys also let you play your blow up game so that’s nice :D.

whatever you do have fun with it!!


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I’ve actually had great success with show off. With drunk and reckless and bayou 2 card, it can be devastating as it’s 3 unavoidable damage in a decent range! Also, if you have somer and a banjista nearby, you draw 3 cards. I’ve blown my enemy to smitheriens and drowned them in card advantage, especially brutal after a bigger hat!

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