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Zoraida on the budget


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Although info about m3e was announced recently and I'm more than reluctant to buy anything now i got an offer to grab cheap old metal Zoraida's crew with additional Waldgeists and now I'm tinkering on how to make a crew with limited amount of models available which would be viable in almost every game. So i came up with this:

50 SS Neverborn Crew
Zoraida + 5 Pool
 - Powerful Control (2)
 - Poisoned Fate (1)
Bad Juju (7)
 - Eternal Fiend (2)
 - A Thousand Faces (1)
Hooded Rider (10)
 - A Thousand Faces (1)
Baby Kade (6)
 - Depression (1)
Waldgeist (6)
Waldgeist (6)
Will O' The Wisp (3)
Will O' The Wisp (3)

Side kicks are 2 Silurids which would replace Waldgeists in scenarios where mobility and scheme markers are more important than durability. Also Iggy will join the gang as alternative for one Waldgeist.

Quick run through the crew:

- Zoraida is mainly focusing on Obey and Bewitch with occasional hard hit on something with condition although in case of Silurids needed Poisoned Fate will be dropped

- Juju is a beater. Thousand Faces possibly will be swapped for Fears Given Form or Mimic's Blessing. 

- Hooded Rider - main beatstick which will benefit a lot from Zoraida's Obey charge.

- Baby Kade - cheap beatstick which can easily catch easily enemy off guard. Depression will allow him to get right trigger during his activation.

- Waldgeists - durable minions which nicely combine with Baby Kade. First engage opponent thanks to their 4'' engage range and then murder it with Kade ;)

- Wisps - everybody knows why they are here.


I run Gremraida a bit to quite good extent so i think running this lot should be interesting and doesn't require too much investment (which is very nice).

What do you think?


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Zoraida is pretty versatile, the main thing that list is missing for me is a first turn heavy hitter.

Not every game, but quite frequently, I want something flying across the board and trying to delete an enemy model. Hooded Rider is good, but ramps up as the game goes on.

I have tried Bad Juju, but that minimum 2 damage and his slowness just means he doesn't have the impact of some of the more impactful Neverborn models.

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