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  1. Shamans are also 30.
  2. I also think she is useful in a Lilith crew. You can drop her in a clump of enemies using tangle shadows and let her slice. Unlike Nekima, she can ignore amor and incorporeal and her damage track is deceptively high.
  3. Titania is the Queen now, hayreddin must come back 😬
  4. I played her recently with Nekima, spawn mother and Bad Juju. First turn I moved bad juju forward, and push Nekima with deal with him. Then Nekima attacked in her last activation, I won initiative and Nekima started killing in turn 2. Next neverborn activation was Titania helping her.
  5. I think spawn mother would be great in that list (maybe instead of one waldgeist and two upgrades).
  6. The faction is going to be Bayou, so probably more human swampfiends will join the faction, even more silurids (or get dual). I think that Zoraida is going to be THE control master it's meant to be.
  7. Azkral


    Or upgrade some depleted with the brilliance bits
  8. Please we want some horsecursed!
  9. A good start. You can continue pickingTeddy, Insidious madnesses and the rest of nightmares. Outside of theme, a good addition dreamer could be serena bowman, bloodwretches for card cycling and mr tannen to help you with your summons.
  10. Don't understimate Hoffman.
  11. Big beaters to be obeyed are also useful with Powerful Control
  12. Most Titania's attacks have 8" range. You can throw up a beater and support it attacking from the centre of the board.
  13. I think he gives the hooded rider warped reality to make him nightmare, not to deploy from the shadows
  14. I only tried it once. Ir was very effective, with barbaros pushing and Lilith and Rougarou killing things.
  15. Barbaros is also a good addition if you want to push enemies. With nimble, he can position himself to push enemies to the rest of your crew. I tried a pounce list with Lilith with Living Blade, barbaros, Rougarou, Hinamatsu and terror tots.
  16. Maybe an alien look? Like a baby alien emerging from a body. Pd.I use a razorspine rattler from Puppet Wars.
  17. Hoffman is tier 1.5, if not tier 1. Cyborg upgrade, combined with cheaper henchmen un Guild, are an important buff.
  18. Zoraida can obey the pigs to destroy old major. I think thats the best counter.
  19. Nekima? Mature Nephilim? Young Nephilim?
  20. Mature nephilim falls under fantástical person? And Nekima?
  21. Yes. Collodi can use My Will on Vasilisa, Vasilisa moves Collodi, then collodi attacks. Finally he accomplices to Vasilisa and Vasilisa puts him out of trouble.
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