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You Can't Take the Scrip From Me

Solicitor 6

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Once again I am doing a pop-culture inspired crew, going with a Parker Barrows Firefly/Serenity crew.

I have figured out the entire crew/cast with the exception of one character: Shepard Book.

So, I need some ideas from people for Outcast or mercenaries that could fit in for the good Shepard.

Keep flyin'

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That's a tough one.  Maybe Lynch with without the hat and Book's hair sculpted on top or a different head?  Or have a go with the TTB multi part kit?  That might still require some modeling for his hair, but you should be able to get something from that.  Might have to wait for some different models to come out and just have Book be on Haven or something.  

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10 hours ago, lusciousmccabe said:

Maybe one of the desperate mercenaries with the weapons and hat cut off and hair sculpted on?

I had that thought too, but it seemed like Lynch would be less modelling and sculpting.  Of course it would be a proxy for whatever model the OP wanted.

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