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I hear a lot about Parker Barrows being a dud...


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Sorry If I'm starting an already made discussion. I have been out of the game for a while because of lack of players in my new area :(

I read around that Parker Barrows is an okayish master only... I remember being super excited when the box came out... but I moved city and stoped playing as soon as it came. but the cowboy outlaw theme really resonated.

But know I read he is not that good :( which is a shame really... what happened? is it him that is not that good? or that the meta shifted and he was a bit left drying? I remember reading also that Nell was going to be the next big thing...

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From what I see Parker has to jump through a lot of hoops to get the effects that are on his card and the payoff is not worth the investment in AP. Also its pretty clear these tricks are the way hes intended to be played because his offensive stats aren't going to win games on their own unlike Levi or Viks.

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Hes better with wave 5 and GG18, just still not as good as Viks, Hamelin, Levi and Tara, his TNs are a little to high and to make him really work you almost have to take the emissary. His biggest plus side is that he generates Stones like it's going out of style so he is very hard to take down 

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First, I encourage you to read my experiences with Parker here (should mods probably sticky it?)

I've been playing lots of Parker at tournaments, and he executes a perfect midrange game.

Sure, his push is extremely expensive, but allows for some cool plays Turn 1.

My argument for him is the following:

by generating SS he makes a lot of Outcast Henchmen way more playable. If before I've never played Hannah, Rusty Alyce or Ama no Zako because they just go down like flies against skilled opponents (Df 5/9 Wd on a 9-10 SS model is a joke, really), those three really shine with Parker. Aionus has already been good with him, but now he's just plain unstoppable.

I know some vocal US players have been hating on HPE, but it's easily our best 10ss model. Sure, you have to take it with Parker, but why wouldn't you anyway?

And with Wave 5 Parker only really goes down to Reva and a surprise RJ on damage. With Marlena, not even in those cases.


He might not be as good at the control game as Tara, but he has no obvious countermatchups unlike her.

He might not be as killy as Levi, but he plays a more stable game in things like Public Executions (and yes, he can consistently kill stuff).

He sure as hell isn't as killy as Viks, but Viks won't do that well in a long game if your opponent can measure 5.18" between his models, 26.18" from Ash and 22.18" from Scion.

Hamelin is an entirely different story, but the rat engine takes its toll on the models you can hire to stay effective.

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