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[Chile] Never Trust Pandora: a Malifaux League


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Next week, we will start a Malifaux League that will be played at the store wargaming.cl. The address is Francisco Bilboa 3771, local 8. It is very close to the subway "Bilboa". Malifaux days are Mondays at the store, but the store is open from Monday to Saturday from 12:00 to 22:00, giving us plenty of time to organize encounters between the players in case some cant make it on Monday. The event should last about 5 weeks. Please contact me if you are interested in participating or please comment (in Spanish) on our Facebook page, where you'll also find more details about the League:


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Results for the first round are the following:

Group 1:
Pablo J. (Guild) 1st
David H. (Outcasts) 2nd
Pablo D. (Neverborn) 3rd
Régulo C. (Neverborn) 4th

Group 2:
Alexandre J. (Arcanists) 1st
Alex V. (Guild) 2nd
Roque D. (Ten Thunders) 3rd
Sebastian A. (Guild) 4th

These results imply the following semifinals:

- Pablo J. (Guild) vs Alex V. (Guild)
- Alexandre J. (Arcanists) vs David H. (Outcasts)

Let's hope semi finals will be at least as much fun as round 1!

By the way, pictures of the league have been gathered in the following album:


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