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More new guy questions!


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Hi all, I've finally decided on Outcasts as my faction, but I'm a little hung up on which Master still. Jack Daw, Tera, and Barrows all draw to me, but I'm not really sure. At this time, I can only afford a crew box so after reading a small blurb on Barrows that said they have no scheme runners in box I'm wondering if maybe I should pop him off the table for now. How does Jack play? The few times I've seen a game at the lgs, there's been almost no Outcasts players. All Guild and Rez. Both Daw and Tara seem interesting. Daw seems to be more deuff but I'm not too sure about Tara's style, or if I'm even looking at this from the right angle. Any help is much appreciated. 

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Parker can use the bandidos in his box as scheme runners, although I really like dead outlaws. With Wave 5, I'd say the emissary is almost a must have with parker.

Jack is awesome as a beater or deny master with his curses. But his box set needs some extra pieces to make it work best. Montressor even after his changes isn't folks favorite henchman and his totem doesn't seem to get much use. Once you get Daw you usually want to dip into ressers for more tormented (nurse, hanged etc). 

I haven't tried Tara yet, but I know her box set is fairly solid to start. Later you may want the scion, talos or death marshals. 

That said - Parker = shooty bandit with a tool for everything but most folks seem to agree he takes some work to get his rotation down.

Daw - Curses & can help move his folks around in a bubble. I find his worse flaw these days is that some factions have easy access to focus and he gets destroyed.

Tara - Fast/Slow/Bury Sheninigans


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Another new player here,  so can't offer too much in the way of advice,  but Parker is great fun to play.  I've only used him in casual 30-35SS games with the wife so far (forcing myself to play mostly painted when I hit the gaming stores so my Guild stuff are my go to there-until my pastels arrive, at which point I have big plans for Parker!).

So far I've only added in the Hodgepodge Effigy and a Dead Outlaw to the crew box - I've used my Bandido's for scheme running (their ability to drop a scheme marker when they die is really handy for that too), and Mad Dog's ability to drop a scheme marker in B2B when he kills an enemy model can help there too (especially if it becomes clear you're both going for the same scheme!).

There's definitely a fairly steep learning curve with Parker but I've played 5 or 6 games with him now and I'm starting to pull off some of his cool little tricks, which is rewarding in itself. I'm almost positive I'll be severely punished when I come up against better opposition (the wife's still learning too!), but he's damn good fun, which is what it's all about for now, winning competetively can come later :)

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