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  1. Another new player here, so can't offer too much in the way of advice, but Parker is great fun to play. I've only used him in casual 30-35SS games with the wife so far (forcing myself to play mostly painted when I hit the gaming stores so my Guild stuff are my go to there-until my pastels arrive, at which point I have big plans for Parker!). So far I've only added in the Hodgepodge Effigy and a Dead Outlaw to the crew box - I've used my Bandido's for scheme running (their ability to drop a scheme marker when they die is really handy for that too), and Mad Dog's ability to drop a scheme marker in B2B when he kills an enemy model can help there too (especially if it becomes clear you're both going for the same scheme!). There's definitely a fairly steep learning curve with Parker but I've played 5 or 6 games with him now and I'm starting to pull off some of his cool little tricks, which is rewarding in itself. I'm almost positive I'll be severely punished when I come up against better opposition (the wife's still learning too!), but he's damn good fun, which is what it's all about for now, winning competetively can come later
  2. Here's what I'll be working on this month - pretty much all of the 2 player starter set and some more Guild models. Since taking the picture I've made a start on one of the Bloodwretch's, Angel Eyes and Dr Grimwell and nearly finished the second Witchling Stalker, so progress is being made - I honestly think I'll smash my target this month (although I haven't checked the Stalker since waking up today and I was very tired painting last night due to a late night trip to the hospital with my pregnant wife in monsoon conditions - all's well and good now though ). Despite initially deciding on Parker Barrows as my main Master and Outcasts as my faction, I seem to be far more enthused about painting up my Guild and Neverborn guys, so we'll have to see how that pans out over the coming months. I had my first game with Sonnia yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed playing her (despite losing badly!), so if I carry on as I'm going, it looks like her and Perdita will be my main choices to start with and I'll save Parker for when the wife wants to play (she always picks Sonnia ). Which is cool, I seem to be set on a colour scheme for the Guild now, which will run through the entire faction, so it makes sense to plough on with those guys. My only issue so far this month is regretting undercoating the Neverborn guys black - I was initially going to go with much darker colours on the Bloodwretch's before deciding at the last minute that they'd suit unfashionably garish bright shirts. I may regret that one by the time the month's out!
  3. Thank you, I really appreciate the feedback. I am really happy with the smoothness - I mostly use the Warcolours range of paints and I've found that their longer drying time really helps me with managing the smooth finish, I'm able to pretty much push the paint around until I've got it where I want it. Seriously can't say enough good things about these paints at the moment! Where I really struggle control-wise is on the smaller details, which it's much harder to see on these pics - I'll have to start a bit of a blog with some close up's soon and some pics in better lighting so I can get some C&C on that side of it too. Although I feel that that's mostly going to be down to practice and getting used to using my tools more than anything, so hopefully February's entries will see a bit of an improvement again I'll definitely try some darklining too on my next lot of mini's, the plan is to crack on with both sides of the starter set this month If I'm to use paints already in my collection for the darklining, would a higher ratio of water be advised or would it be better stick with the same ratio and just use the tiniest bit of paint on the brush tip? And muchos gracias again for your kind words!
  4. Gaming's been switched to tomorrow night now, so here's my January entries, and the first of many Malifaux miniatures I'll be painting over the coming months/years Nurse Heartsbane @ 8SS, Withcling Handler @ 7SS and Witchling Stalker @ 5SS for a total of 20SS in my first month (and I've got a free evening so I might even cram some more in tonight! ). Very much just going for tabletop ready at the moment, so a bit rough around the edges (it still took me about 8 hours on the Handler and 4-5 hours apiece on the other two!). I didn't realise just how poor my brush skills were until I started to paint again this month, so I'll work on that before I try to move onto more advanced techniques. I didn't expect the jump in scale from painting 28mm to 32mm to make much of a difference, either, but it definitely has, I'm noticing a lot more imperfections than I have done previously (and certainly more than I ever have on my 10mm stuff! ). Any C&C is more than welcome at this point - I've got a long way to go before I'm painting to the standards that I want to be, but I'm proud of these efforts nonetheless edit : forgot to mention as well, I'm basing with Stirland Mud for the sake of it being easy and was intentionally a little messy with it as I made the mistake of using super glue accelerator on plastic when I was gluing some of the models onto their bases, so was covering up the mess that caused - lesson learnt there! 3
  5. Finished my pledge last night and got some more assembly done (although I snapped the fiddly bits on Taelor ), just in time for games night tonight (there's still going to be a lot of unpainted minis on the table, but it's three less than there would have been ). I'm confidant February will be a productive month, now that I've got a lot of the groundwork done I'll take pictures tonight or tomorrow, need to get ready to introduce some newbies to the joy of Malifaux now
  6. Looks like one of the story encounter boxes a la Crossroads Seven, Tortoise & Hare etc. I've already picked up a couple of these, they seem like fun ways to get cool models painted and on the table out of faction, this one looks tempting too!
  7. Sweet, that saves me a few dollars for now, cheers!
  8. On a similar topic, so didn't want to start a new thread, does the Shifting Loyalties deck contain any general upgrades? Just starting out and so far I have the Core book and Crossroads books plus the 2nd Generalist deck. A little confused as to whether the SL deck is worth buying at the moment (I'll eventually be grabbing the book anyway, but not for a while).
  9. Struggling here too - it's my first month on the Malifaux scene and all I seem to be have been doing is putting models together and priming them - I definitely think I got a bit carried away with what I bought to start out! I've got one Witchling Stalker and one Handler finished so far, though, so looking set to hit my 15SS target (pics should be up tomorrow) . Just have to keep reminding myself that all the other models in various stages are progress towards the rest of the year
  10. Well, it turns out that the wife's fallen for Malifaux's charm almost as much as I have. Seeing as it's taken me three years to find a miniatures game that she likes, I let her take first dibs on faction and she's opted for Guild, gravitating to Sonia in particular This, mixed with Parker's box coming back into stock at The Combat Company (he was the Master that first grabbed me ), means I've switched allegiance to Outcasts for now, so it looks like I'll be posting over on that board more for the time being. I'll get back to Perdita soon though!
  11. Well, after a horrendous attempt at blending on a Desperate Mercenary that really discouraged me and had me ready to flip tables/burn mini's, I've gone back to what I sort of know and am now having much more fun with my Witchling Handlers and Stalkers. They won't be award winning, that's for sure, but by the time I'm finished (which should be a day or two, so plenty of time to smash my target ) they should be passable for using as toy soldiers and I think I'll be proud of my little bubs, so that's enough for me this month! I think I just need to work on my basics for a little while again (it's been a while since I painted anything bigger than 10mm! ) before I try to overcomplicate things
  12. Really excited to see more of this, it's looking gorgeous so far! I don't think the wife will me too happy, mind!
  13. Some beautiful work so far, guys, really inspiring stuff! I won't be able to match any of it, but I have decided to focus on the painting aspect of the hobby much more in 2018 and will be working on my layering through the first few months of the year, having previously made do with a simple base/wash/drybrush - so hopefully when I look back in December, I'll see a marked difference between now and then! With that in mind, better late than never, here are what I'll be working on for the rest of the month - my first Malifaux miniatures, which will be my first attempt at more than a quick paintjob. I've now started work on my first Desperate Mercenary - after trying him out in a game with the wife tonight I figured he's the most dispensible of the lot, so he's got the honour of being my dummy run Not overly happy with the results so far, but I'll spend a few more hours on him tomorrow night and see if it's worth posting a WIP (I'll probably start a new thread as I'll have a lot to post and be in need of a fair bit of C&C!).
  14. A quick rules question (I'll be posting my starting point pics tonight, a bit late in for the first month but confidant I can reach my Soulstone target ) - I've just bought my first batch of Malifaux miniatures and admittedly went a little mad (I'm building a crew each for me and the wife and grabbed some fun extras too, so lots of stuff to paint!). My intention is to have everything I buy now painted by the middle of the year, but I'll be priming it all in white now so that the mini's pop out a bit more on the tabletop - that way I can play with them without my failing eyes struggling to make out bare plastic in the meantime. So will primed mini's be okay as a starting spot for my next few months' worth of minis?
  15. Well, this seems as good a motivation as any to make sure those brushes get working all year long! So if it's not too late, I'd love to sign up as a Henchman
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