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What would you take?

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Strategy: Interference

Schemes: Claim Jump, Search the Ruins, Accusation!, A Quick Murder, Eliminate the Leadership

Opponent: Outcasts (I know he plays Leveticus and Von Schill regularly, but I believe he also has Parker now)

Obviously Nicodem is normally the go to for Interference, and I might still take him, but I'd really like to play Yan Lo for practice and I find him more fun generally. However, what would you take for this set up? 


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Yan can score quick murder here easily by lightning dancing some poor fool combined with jaakana ubume and her lures. Belles can drag foes to the center ruining interference.

But the real star is sun quiang,  he can turn foes into peons in aura so they dont count for strat and he can place them six away.

Izamu, ashigaru and komainu would be ruined by levi or vs. Vincent st clair could help snipe waifs but would not be as good against the other masters.

I would take crooked men also to counter parker and vs plus they could paralyze levi and finish the job is good for search the ruins.

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