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Constructs, Soulstone cores, and Time


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First off, hello everyone! I've been scouring the forums and the FAQ for a while and was wondering if anyone could answer a possibly obscure question. Although it bears no real ruling via games but as a sort of character RP building thought experiment.

I've already made my character, and luckly(?) enough they are a full construct (NOT a 'living construct'). So I've been fiddling with it, and discussing with my FM, found out that he probably has a soulstone core.

The question is as thus: How long does that soulstone core last on a single charge (thanks to 2e changing all soulstones using a single charge now)? Days? Months? Years? There doesn't seem to be a time variant, but we were just wondering if stranded out in an area where there wasn't someone dying (somehow), trying to figure out how long the soulstone core would power me before I became inert.

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I think in general for Invested characters, it goes along with something special about you (being a sentient construct) that you don't really worry about going inert.  Maybe the regeneration on your soul stone is enough to keep you going or whatever.  Our group has never really even brought this up for consideration, you're a player, no one wants to just stop working :D    We've also never applied anything with an Invested's soul stone actually recharging from kills, either.  That just seems too granular and opens up so many nasties to happen with losing that soulstone and such ;) 

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