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What are Death Marshals?


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Can someone explain to me who and what the Death Marshals are?  I opened the box to discover that you have the option to either have regular heads or ghost rider heads.  I don't have the big rulebook that has their entry and I want to know the fluff before I decide which heads to put on.

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Death Marshals are an organization branch in the Guild that specializes in handling Necromancers and undead.  Death Marshals learn Necromancy to better be able to hunt it.  Problem is the training and mastery of the stuff eats away at them.  The Death Marshals are those that passed the training.  Most though end up scarred and looking a bit like living corpses themselves.  The Flaming skull came later as a technique they can utilize against Undead, awaking some sort of primary fear in them.  It even showed up in the TTB 1st Edition Fatemaster book under the Advance Pursuit for Death Marshals called Flames of the Pits *Same name as the Death Marshal upgrade that gives Terrifying 12 Undead*.

Originally in the first Edition models did not have the ghost rider effect but it is something they have introduced in 2nd Edition to mixed fan reactions.  When they first previewed the flaming skull version there was a strong outcry for a standard head version if possible.  Whether it was because of the request or if Wyrd planned from the get go to have both options when they came out they had both heads.  But players have a choice on what they use at least.

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