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Desolation Engine


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Hi All, quick question regarding the desolation engine and the heal trigger on its attack;

 Its innate Restabilize trigger allows it to heal an amount of damage equal to that it deals, which - given the high damage of the Desolation Engine - does a pretty good job of keeping it healthy. (taken from pullmyfinger)

So, it's min damage is 3. If it does this damage, yet armour reduced the damage taken (lets say armour 2) does it heal the full 3 (this is what it dealt) or 1(damage taken). I played the full 3 damage last night as this seemed correct but it also seems really, really powerful. Not complaining, just want to ensure accuracy.

thanks in advance.

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Just now, PositronMike said:

This is incorrect, it is covered by the dumb luck FAQ, the desolation attack is specifically mentioned in the answer. You heal the amount of damage flipped so if you flip min you will heal 3. 

... oh hell, I don't know about that. So, that great! *maniacal laugh*

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